View Full Version : Another pack?

09-09-2013, 08:28 PM
Not sure where to post this, but here goes. I currently have 3 Kifaru packs. I have the Std. G2 Longhunter, KU 3700 and the G2 Spikecamp non Legacy model. Each one of these packs fills a niche and gets used regularly. The next pack I am thinking about is the Late Season although it is very close in capacity to my KU 3700 I am thinking that it might carry weight just a bit better and of course will be bulletproof. I used the KU all last hunting season with no issues, but went back to the Longhunter this year but it is a bit much for day trips but I always reason that once the game is down it will be worth it. I am wanting the Late Season for close to camp day trips or light fast overnighters and I want something more robust than the 3700 that will hopefully carry 50 lbs or so a little more comfortable until I get back to my Longhunter. I mostly use the KU now for summer flyfishing trips or just plain old backpacking trips and have for the most part retired it for big game. I have never had an issue with the KU pack and would like to keep it that way as I will most likely never get rid of it. Will the Late Season carry weight any better than the KU? I have 26" stays in the Longhunter and they are about perfect, 24" stays in the KU which lack the lift I need for anything over about 35 lbs or so but since these are the longest stays that are available in the Late Season, that is what I would go with. What can you guys tell me about the suspension on the Late Season, better than the KU, close to the Longhunter, can 26" stays be stuffed in the Late Season? I am 5'8" but have a long torso and short legs. Any other pack that I should look at? Thanks in advance for any info.