View Full Version : Stupid questuion: How to use cargo chair as a seat?

08-18-2013, 12:00 AM
I have had very poor success in using my cargo chair as a seat, and figure that I must be missing something.

I have the KU5200 pack and the KU cargo chair. Following the cargo chair video, I moved the cargo chair bottom attachment points as near the hipbelt/frame as possible. I then brought the angled straps up to upper attachment points, with the chair folded towards the frame (intending to use the frame/back padding as a back rest.

This was with a nearly empty pack. The pack kept pulling away whenever I would lean against it, and the straps seemed too close together to allow the width of my butt to fit the seat. While not a small guy, I am also not packing love handles. I am 6'0, 36 hips/waist, and 205 lbs. It seems like I should be able to make this work, but am screwing it up somewhere.

Does anyone have pictures of an adult sitting in the chair as described? Particular tips for the KU5200 pack? The cargo chair video makes reference to footage of Patrick sitting in the chair, but I have not found the referenced footage.

Pat K
08-18-2013, 11:40 PM
I am only a bit smaller than you, and I found that it was really uncomfortable to sit on mine for any length of time while turkey hunting. I was better off just leaning my backpack up against a tree and then leaning against it. I found that when the straps were used to hold the cargo chair at a specific angle for sitting that my weight on the chair pulled the straps in against he sides of my hips, cutting off some of the circulation to my buttocks.

http://www.kifaru.net/tactical_catalog.pdf page 20 shows one of the first pictures I ever saw about the cargo chair.

The website has been redone a few times, and I don't see any others.