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07-23-2013, 04:14 PM
So I have read and re-read the differences between the belts offered by Kifaru and I can see that there is a difference, but I really don't know what the difference is because I haven't ever worn one. I have a MOLLEX that is beltless right now and I would like to put one on it in the future, but I am not real sure which one to go with. I was thinking Omni because of the Omni suspension, but I have seen the other belts on it. I plan on using this bag for just about everything. Daily carry, snowshoeing, hunting, hiking, training and so on. SO, my question is:

If you owned a MOLLEX, which belt would you use and why?

I am anxious to learn about these belts and read the different opinions.

07-23-2013, 05:12 PM
Hey shooter,

The first main difference I can tell you about the Omni vs other belts, is that on the omni line, the belt is NOT integral to the pack (you can wear an omni pack "beltless" as you are doing now).

The Wraptech and other suspensions' belts ARE integral to the pack (The shoulder straps are attached at the belt, and without it, the shoulder straps are absent). For most intents and purposes, you need a belt for these packs. Now, there is a thread which featured Hassinator and Mel, among other members, who discuss a mod to a Wraptech or other suspension in order to use it without a belt.

Others have suggested using a Wraptech belt on an omni pack in order to up the comfort factor and load bearing factor. I've found it stated that 75lbs is a reasonable high end weight to expect "comfortable" carry on the Omni line. I've never been able to add much more weight than that on my Mollex (Bone in Elk Quarter), so I never really had occasion to test the load bearing improvement with a Wraptech belt on an Omni pack, though others suggest it works - Mel seems to advise against this. Also, you will need to tuck in the the Wraptech belt shoulder straps if used on an omni pack ... not a big deal, though.

There definitely is a bit more padding on a Wraptech or Wraptech Plus belt over the Omni's padded version. I've never found the omni belt SO uncomfortable to make me consider this as a permanent change, so I stick to an Omni belt on Omni Packs.

So to your question:' If you owned a MOLLEX, which belt would you use and why?'
My ANSWER: Omni Belt works fine for me

Good luck on your decision. Any belt you go with will really upgrade the comfort of carry on your Mollex.

07-23-2013, 09:52 PM

Thanks for the reply, I am thinking I will most likely stick with an OMNI belt and the others were able to do it, but not sure why you would. If every belt was designed to be interchangeable, I would think that Kifaru would advertise it better/more. I haven't carried too much weight or gone to far with it but that is about to change here in a week as I start to ramp up my scouting for the upcoming season.

07-24-2013, 05:48 AM
I'd stick with the omni-belt for the mollex.

If every belt was designed to be interchangeable, I would think that Kifaru would advertise it better/more.
I don't believe the omni/wraptech/duplex belts were designed to be interchangeable. It just so happens that they all have 4 delta straps on them which allows people to swap them if they feel the need to.

The omni-belts have the velcro in the lumbar area to keep the belt in place on omni-packs.