View Full Version : Woobie Sleeping bag Mod

06-14-2013, 09:12 AM
Hi Guys, im new here, and new to the world of Kifaru.
I had my first product (a Woobie) arrive the other day (Kifaru customer service is excellent too, but thats another story)
It wont be my last either, im lusting after a Xing and all the bits to strap to it (and a 3 string stuff sack for my woobie)

the first 2 nights my woobie was here, i slept using it instead of a blanket, and was wonderful and warm all night, but i did have an idea for those of you using a woobie as a sleeping bag (aimed more at people who need to get out of their woobie quickly)

please note i have setup these photos using cordlocks of a Surefire Lanyard, the cord holes are too small and springs too hard to easily pop off if it is necessary to get up and out quickly.

anyway, here is the rapid exit mod

1. buy a bunch of cordlocks, a 10pack should do, you will have a few spare.
make sure they have nice big openings, and fairly weak springs (if you want to get ones with the eyes to strap them down, great, you can attach the cordlocks to the paracord loop)

2. fold the woobie over like a sleeping bag

3. slip a loop through the other loop

4. stick a cordlock on the end

if you need to get out in a hurry, just push against the woobie and the cordlocks will pop off the paracord and the bag will open up (harder springs in the cordlocks will make them harder to pop off, i am trying to find some nice soft springed cordlocks with big holes)

if your cordlocks are too small you may need a loop of cord to help attach them, it just gives you a way to pull the paracord through the hole of the cord lock instead of pushing.

Disclaimer - i am not responsible if you tear or damage your woobie by using the information contained in this post