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06-10-2013, 10:50 PM
This is a first post for me. I'm debating between the dt1 and a highcamp, either on a bikini frame. Price and weight favor highcamp, but the pockets on the dt1 could be useful. I'd have to put a few pockets on the highcamp anyway, so the cost and weight differences are slight in the final calculation. I'm more concerned about fit and balance. I don't have access to either so I'm just judging by measurements, but fully loaded the highcamp is wider and looks bulkier whereas the dt1 seems taller, narrower, and therefore more streamlined and tightly fitted to the body, closer to one's center of gravity. I had an eberlestock with internal gunsling and the pack sits so far from the body that even when the harness is tightened, the whole bag feels like it pulls backward. This has made me reluctant to purchase a wide pack. I'm leaning toward the more expensive dt1 just avoid that experience. Now that the highcamp has been out for a little while, does anyone have experience with both? And can anyone speak to whether the highcamp is comparatively awkward or prone to shifting around, or does the extra girth not make any difference? Anyone think the highcamp is just categorically better than dt1?

06-11-2013, 05:16 AM
Welcome to the forum, mfolch! I'm a former Eberlestock Gunslinger (first generation) owner, and I've owned four Kifaru packs since. I owned the Gunslinger for exactly one weekend outing. After that, I sold it. I currently own a KU 5200 and a Mollex, but I plan on buying a Bikini frame within the next year or so. I can tell you that the feeling you had of the pack falling backwards with the Gunslinger is due to poor pack design. The scabbard puts the CG of the load too far from your back and the lack of frame stays makes the frame a marshmallow and provides zero shoulder lift. Any Kifaru pack with long enough stays to give you shoulder lift will work very well for you. I wouldn't let that be a deciding factor between the Highcamp or DT1 bag. As a minimalist, UL backpacker/hunter, I would go with the Highcamp, but I can deal with no pockets. If you must have pockets, I'd recommend the DT1. Bags with pockets are always lighter than bags with no pockets that have Dock 'N Lock pockets instead.


06-11-2013, 10:19 AM
Well which ever way you decide to neither would be a bad choice I have placed an order the the BT1 in Multi has I'm a pocket and organization freak with my gear it must be my former Military type personality that prevents me from going super slick. I'm a backpacker by nature so I like to stop on the trails and access my lunch on the trail or get to my rain gear quickly or camera whatever basically that is to why pockets suit me. With the weight savings thing if you need to make up the few pounds difference do like all those UL freaks cut your toothbrush use a garbage for a shelter wear one pair of gitches for 15 days straight and one keychain light for night time.. basically what I'm saying is weight difference between the 2 aren't that much. Think of it as buying gas we all whine when it goes up a few cents but in the end the few cents doesn't even equate to a full gallon. We'll also buy a coffee pretty much everyday before we go into work and not even think twice about spending a buck a day. it's all relevant in the perception of how you view things either direction you go it's a Kifaru and it's going to work great and still 6 weeks to your door:)

06-12-2013, 05:48 PM
Thanks for the advice. I've settled on the bikini longhunter legacy - a compromise between the highcamp and dt1. Smaller main pack size, more expensive, and heavier but better accessibility and better lid than the highcamp; less expensive, larger main pack, lighter, but less accessibility than the dt1 (if both have the longhunter lid). I need some kind of easy accessibility and when you add three or four pockets to the highcamp, its weight and price advantage more or less disappear. I don't often use a spotting scope so the long pockets on the dt1 are not really a must, and the longhunter' back pocket and lid provide the right level of accessibility; if I need more I'll add a side pocket or two, and its still about the same cost and weight as the dt1 with longhunter lid. Kifaru makes it hard to decide. But I'm hoping that combo suffices for all the extra gear needed for 7-10 days of freezing rain, sleet, mud, and just generally soaking wet conditions.