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05-25-2013, 11:53 AM
I had almost forgotten I had this, tucked into the corner of one of my bookcases. Great little book published by the Sierra Club in 1965. Two brothers, Terry and Renny Russell wandered through the wild places of the west, taking pictures and jotting down thoughts as they went. This book is the result. Designed, laid out and set in calligraphy by the brothers it is a great browsing read for those who know the wild places - or would like to. The original book was hardcover with slipcase, though I understand a paperback edition is also available.

Not too long after the book was published, while on a boat trip down Utah's Green River their boat flipped and Terry drowned. Renny is still around and I understand has another, similar book, though I haven't seen it.

A couple of others you might find of interest are:"Handmade Homes" (I gave my copy to my nephew to give him some ideas for his backwoods home in the Adirondacks so I can't give much detail) and "Rolling Homes" similar to Handmade Homes except these are on wheels, made from trucks, old school buses and so forth. Both are full of interesting ideas.