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08-29-2002, 10:35 PM
Wehayl folks, just spent the good part of today visiting Kifaru
and I had a chance to peruse/fondle/tryout/lug around the prototype
for the FORKAY pack.... or at least that is what I refer to it as 4000 Cubes or 4 - K

Tis VERY nice, and volumterically give the MOLLE ruck assembly a good run for its money
If I didnt already have an EMR, this would be the pack to have IMO

It will be cargo chair compatible, and just to satisfy all those curious, it will be pack PALS rows ALL about.
All those who are waiting for this pack; you will NOT be disappointed


08-30-2002, 11:31 AM
I must second Egg's post; the Ruck-with-no-name (sorry Egg; ForKay sounds too much like margarine to me, and I couldn't resist the "America" reference /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif ) is a great replacement for the Large ALICE variety ruck; plenty of room for normal ops related kit, outstanding suspension system, and all the modularity you'll need. Patrick has and continues to put a great deal of forethought into this bag. I'm excited to see the first cut beyond prototype. Thanks again for the hospitality, Patrick.

BTW folks, Egg has been pulling the wool over your eyes; he's actually a 6'4" blond-haired white guy of Norwegian descent. /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

09-11-2002, 08:25 AM
Eggroll, Razor
Hey thanks for the info but do yoy have any pictures to post. I am huntng for pics of the new prototype to get an idea of what this pack is capapble of. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Since you guys are in th know, could you kick down some pics for all of us that are "geographicly challenged" (nice political correct statement, eh?)

09-11-2002, 09:22 AM
Naw! We'll Taunt you again and again and again.and again for a second time!

its a beaut of a pack, but keep in mind the pics that currently exist of it, shows it as BLACK (not a color option, so dont think of it ;-) its solely for prototype purposes) and without PALS webbing.

Yes we took pics of it, but their release is currently discretionary until the PWNN is ready for production release... In the meantime, direct your request to MEL T and he'll help you out.


09-11-2002, 09:40 AM

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