View Full Version : My New BT1 is in my Possession :)

04-17-2013, 09:12 PM
thanks Kifaru and extra thanks to Aron and Angie for making the process go so smoothly. it almost felt good to let go of $950:D i got my pack on the 4-15-13. the pack was near a perfect fit out of the box. i pulled on the shoulder straps a little and now it's a perfect fit. can't wait to get some weight in it this weekend and go for a hike. i'll be watching the videos again to really get this pack dialed in and get the pack to being all it can be and more. no more wondering if my pack will hold up when loaded up with elk :) now i can do a back country hunt the way it is intended to be done. this was the final piece of the puzzle as far as equipment is concerned. i cannot wait for that last weekend of August to get here. hope you all will enjoy your packs as much as i know i'm going too. thumbs up