View Full Version : Please help me adjust my EMR

Daft Slice
03-16-2013, 08:31 PM
I watched the video on YouTube on how to adjust the EMR. When I received my pack, the plastic stays that should be aligned with my collar bone are an 1 1/2 inch to high. The video on YT looks simple, but it is not the rig I have. I don't know if the pack in the video is a Gen 1 or something, but the straps are way different.

My Gen 2 doesn't have upside down triangle straps, with the tightening straps going down towards the lumbar support pad.
It has 2 vertical straps that run straight up from lumbar pad into the torso pad slots.

And it seems that when I pulled the straps out, the tightening strap doesn't go down to the lumbar support, but runs back up behind the torso pad slots.

How do I shorten the shoulder straps on the Gen 2, and how do I re-tuck the tightening straps behind the torso pad slots?
I can't figure out how to tighten the straps once I shorten the shoulder straps...

Any help would be appreciated. Pics or video would be awesome, because I have a hard time just reading ...I learn by seeing.