View Full Version : Question on Bow carry with a KU Pack

10-11-2012, 05:35 AM
Normally I carry my bow on a pack in a Grab-it using one lashing strap. I have not tried this on a KU Pack. Can anyone tell me if they have done this? If so, did you experience any wear-thru on the material?


10-11-2012, 08:58 AM

Wear through issues with the KU material, on the rare occasions when they have happened, all seem to have been when the fabric is between two HARD objects, not one hard and one soft. So, as long as the bow wasn't resting on your campstove of something similar in the pack that was hard you probably wouldn't get any excessive wear on the material. Also, you could always toss an outer layer (vest or jacket) in the Grab-It between the bow and the pack material.


10-11-2012, 09:30 AM
If I ever actually kill something with my bow and need to carry out the meat I plan to carry my bow on my KU 3700 using a Grab-it and lashing strap as you describe. I have tried it while training but not carried it extensively. I did not notice any wear. I had an E&E on the back and the bow was resting on the E&E.

10-11-2012, 04:59 PM
I have a sling that I made to carry my bow that I can carry it hands free in front and shoot with it. (not a wrist sling) It works a bit like a rifle sling in that when you draw, it tightens up and steadies things... I've googled to see if I could find one for sale today but I can't find anything like it. I'll see if I can't get a pic. I think I copied something that Cabela's used to sell, it worked well for me when I used to bow hunt.

10-12-2012, 06:49 AM

I do what you describe and advise wrapping the end of your bow with a t shirt, hat, something. I have done a few 3+ mile hikes with my bow strapped on with the grab it, lashing strap, and end o the bow wrapped with a shirt and had zero problems. Bow carried well.

10-13-2012, 11:34 AM
I do what you are contemplating with no issues. The only qualifier is that I either use a primose sling to protect the cam/cabling and/or put the lower cam inside a piece a folding closed cell ground pad to protect it (that is my glassing pad). That cam can be the lowest point on the pack if you set the pack down, so I add a bit of extra padding for protection.

10-13-2012, 06:35 PM
First year with my 3700 and a Grab-it. No issues with a Mathews Z7 strapped to the pack and I took no extra precautions. Maybe I got lucky as I only had it strapped on for a couple miles hking in before opening morning and the rest of the season the bow was in my hands. I would still think it would be ok as long as it wasn't a hard to hard surface with the pack in between. BTW, I really liked the KU 3700, the Longhunter stayed in the truck all season.