View Full Version : Feathered Friends Down Jacket & Vest

Kevin Dill
06-23-2012, 02:17 PM
Hyperion Jacket by Feathered Friends of Seattle, one year owned. This 850-fill down jacket is absolutely new and never worn...not once. The color is called 'Granite' and is in reality a blue-gray. The lining is black. The size is XL. It will also fit a 'L' guy with no problem...the cut is not oversized. Av wt of 9.4 oz with a fill wt of 5.2 oz. The new price is $250. My price is $175 shipped anywhere in US. Canada add $10.00.

Helios Vest by Feathered Friends, one year owned. It's also 850-fill goose down, and it looks totally new. In reality I had it in Alaska last fall for 2 weeks and it got worn about 4 times. If you can find a fault with it, I'll buy it back. The color is called 'Grass', and it's a nice green with subtle gold undertones. Black trim & lining. The size is 'XXL'. In reality it's about right for a good XL guy or smallish XXL. Again, the cut is not oversized on FF garments. Av wt of 10.4 oz with fill wt of 4.7 oz. New price is $199. My price is $150 shipped anywhere in US. Canada add $10.00. http://www.featheredfriends.com/Picasso/Garments/Lt/HyperionHeliosVest.html

I accept most forms of payment, and garments will ship after payment has cleared. Contact me here, or thru email at kdpickaspot@aol.com