View Full Version : FS: Set Billy Pots & Mors Bushpot

04-06-2012, 03:44 PM
I just got a set that is slightly better for my needs so I would like to pass this one along.

The billy pots are Hong Kong made and are classic open fire pots with bail handles and deep lids with side handles that can also be used as skillets. The pots are 3 qt., 2 qt, and 1 qt. The set is suitable for 4-6 people and includes a tan cotton drawstring carry bag. The packed size is about 7" dia. x 6" high, 2.24 lbs. The billys are lightly used with a few small dings and are very clean. $25 + $15 USPS priority.

The Mors Bushpot is like this one:
EXCEPT mine does not have the bail kit but does include a percolator lid and the perc hardware. You can use it as a regular bushpot with the percolator innards. I got to include in the billy set as a replacement for the 1 qt. pot. You have to unscrew the perc knob and store inside the coffee basket but otherwise is is an exact fit. The 1 qt. pot and lid can, of course, be used alone as a solo cooker. No storage bag for the bush pot, I haven't gotten around to making one. The packed size is 5" dia x 5" high, 8.7 oz. The bush pot is brand new. $20 + 10 USPS priority.

If you buy both I'll have to find a box but will ship for $15 USPS priority.

Just added picture. All billy pots look alike differing only in size.