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02-13-2012, 10:57 AM
Hi all,

My fingers are still sore from fitting 12 or so of the KU adaptors on the cargo panel to connect some KU pods and pockets.
Is there a trick to connecting these things?

I have two long pockets attached and one medium pod attached to the cargo panel.


I have the pockets spaced as evenly as I thought possible. Does this look right?


The medium pod I have on the bottom and attached horizontally. Again, is this the best way to attach the pod?


Last question is related to the buckles for the cargo panel on the MMR frame. The instructions mention two straps to be attached. I also have one strap attached to the triangle in the middle of the frame. Is that right like this?


Thanks for any help and sorry for all the obvious newby questions ;)


02-13-2012, 11:02 PM
Hi Lennart,

Nice looking set-up you have there. What type of dry bag is that?

It looks like you've got the two long pockets mounted correctly. For the horizontal medium pod, I think you could have just threaded the three bar buckle through the PALS webbing . . . I think.

The great thing about Kifaru gear is that it is like Lego for grown ups. You can always tear it down and start over again if you don't like the way it turned out. Basically, if it works for you, then it's "right".

Take care,

02-14-2012, 12:48 AM

Thanks for the reply!
I indeed wondered if I could sort of 'dock and lock' the medium pod on the cargo panel. I still have an KU E&E to pack. I was looking to mount that on top or use a sling to carry it on my chest. Do many of you carry the E&E as a separate backpack? I would have liked to see the shoulder straps completely removable to have minimal weight when used as a pod/pocket. Perhaps I will be brave and do some modification to make the straps removable myself. Anyone done that before?

The bags are from Exped (I think Outdoor Research owns them now). They are waterproof en have a valve so you can compress them really well. The compression bag is also used as a pump for the Exped Downmat that is in one of the long pockets. Exped also uses the lego principle ;) The other long pocket holds a (non Kifaru) UL tipi with stakes. I still have to put a roll-up Ti stove between the bags and the cargo panel.

02-14-2012, 01:55 AM
I have worn my E&E, and other packs, as a front pack many times while carrying a bigger pack on my back. It is definitely "do-able". It does help to balance the load a little bit when you wear a front pack. Maybe you could try putting your Long Pockets on the side of your pack and the E&R on top. That would help keep the weight closer to your center of gravity.

Thanx for the info on the Exped gear.

02-14-2012, 03:20 AM
You could also D+L in the normal fashion by taking off the KU 3/4-inch male buckles and using the standard 1-inch buckles. This would mean a little bit of play in the strap on the KU pockets,but a lot less hassle in setting it up and making changes is much easier. I know they went with 3/4 buckles to save weight, but it makes crossover loads like yours more difficult.