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sam stevens
07-05-2003, 07:51 PM
How big of a fire can and do you build in front of the paratarp? I don't want to burn it up when I buy one. Also how close to the tarp do you build your fire? Is there anything in paticular that you need to know about when camping in one? And how warm can you expect to get? I know that this is variable according to the person, but can anyone give me an approximate? Thanks Sam

07-06-2003, 03:53 PM

Tarp camping is considerably different from tent camping. It is closer to "under-the-stars"--tho you DO have rain/snow protection, IF you play the wind correctly. Which is to say do not pitch the open side/end into the wind. A small fire close out front provides more warmth than a "normal" open campfire. You have a windbreak behind you and some heat-catching effect too because of the tarp. It's not nearly as warm as the all-around heat provided by an enclosed tent with a stove inside, and your backside is still cooler than your frontside--but it's far better than the open air campfire. If the wind shifts to the open part of the tarp you'll be in for a smokey situation indeed, so I mean it when I say doping the wind is serious. I put my fire very close to the edge of the tarp. As in right there! Small. I accept that I'm going to get a few holes in that front edge. I just seal 'em with silicone--when I get around to it. There is an intimacy-with-nature factor with a tarp one just needs to accept. I suppose I have accumulated more nights beneath a tarp than any other method. And I'm still among the living. Do I prefer it to my more recently developed Paratipi? Not on your life!