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06-04-2003, 05:54 AM
I am looking at spike & longhunter packs. Presesntly I backpack in w/ cabelas Alaskan pack with my daypack bungied down on my way in. Then I daypack hunt. I need to return to camp for frame when needed. Is there a better way? will longhunter be able to be used as a day pack for an archery hunter effectively with stealth?
What pack or combo would you suggest?

Yukon Hunter
06-04-2003, 07:25 AM
No, I haven't bought this (yet), being the unbelievable cheapskate that I am. However, I'm looking for the same kind of thing you are, and have researched the crap out of it. By far, the best solution I've come up with is a Longhunter Hauler with a Pack Duffel. We're talking over 8000 cubic inches to get you to Base Camp, then off comes the duffel, giving you a kick-ass pack frame and a 1200 cubic inch daypack. How can you get better than this?

06-04-2003, 01:39 PM
Yukon Hunter
Thanks for reply. When you say you have a 1200 cubic inch day pack, is that part of the longhunter pack or a seperate day pack? The day pack I normally use is 4000-4500 cu in. I think. It's probably overkill, but between food, water, wool sweater, rain gear, first aid kit, small tarp, gps, game bags etc., it's seems as though I need more than 1200 cu in. I'm usually gone from camp 15 hours & seems 1 day at least I get caught out to far so I spend a night from camp (Probably my reason for the large "day" pack).
I've only done this for 3 seasons as you can probably tell, but I just keep wondering if I'm using the right equipment for my method of hunting or my hunting method is suspect.

Yukon Hunter
06-04-2003, 02:39 PM
I originally came to this site because I was looking for a back I could haul around for sheep that was light, yet strong enough to haul out a full load of gear and sheep meat- around 120-150 lbs. If you check out the Longhunter, then scroll down to the link for the Longhunter Hauler, you'll find it. Then come back to the Longhunter, and go to the Pack Duffel. This has GOT to be the ultimate. Load up the Pack Duffel with your base camp, hump it in to where you want to be, off load all the non- necessities, and just use the Hauler with it's 1200 cu. inch pack. If you want a little more room for gear in your day pack (or a convenient way to carry boned-out meat), the Pack Duffel can be taken along.
I'm actually not working for Patrick- I just think he has some great ideas.

06-05-2003, 04:33 AM
Thanks again,
I did explore the site more in depth and I understand what your talking about. Does look like quite the set up.

Dave R.
06-05-2003, 06:33 AM
hi Guys...here's my 2 cents...

I have a longhunter. It is an outstanding pack.. tough as nails and it can serve many needs. Here's how I use it hunting. I use it to pack my gear to camp,then I empty it and carry the whole pack with just my day gear for hunting. It is very quiet, and very stealthy. It keeps all my gear very tightly secured on my body. It also gived me plenty of storage to put coats and long johns in during the day when I peel off layers. With the cargo chair, I always have a dry place to sit, and I love using the platypus hydration system while I hunt. Also I can no longer live without the gun bearer system...its that good, and its very fast. So, having my weapon mounted on my empty long hunter is a great thing. I really don't mind the little extra wieght that is added by this method..its just a real comfortable way to hunt.

It is possible to strip down your long hunter and use it as a frame with only the day pack mounted on top....I've tried it. It works great, but it takes time and patience to do it every day...so i decide to leave it all together and hunt with the long hunter intact.

good luck...


one-eyed Bob
06-06-2003, 06:20 PM
I like the concept but after using a Kifaru pack from Cabela's to pack out a moose in the NWT I am afraid of the large,loose bag since it was not stable to pack. Does anyone know it the custom packs are similar to the former Cabela's model?

06-07-2003, 06:20 AM

Cabelas model consisted of the frame and what's called the Pack Duffel--a very large "duffel" equipped to lash onto the frame. No real pack bag at all, but quite economical compared to our genuine pack bag. Also pretty neat for transport as you can put the frame INSIDE the thing and head for the airport. But it sounds like it was a bit too big for your taste at hauling moose quarters. But you don't have to use it--just lash the quarters to the frame atop the CargoChair, leaving the Duffel at camp. It was really designed for that--getting you and all your stuff from home to that camp, wherever it is. Bottom line, yes, the real pack bags ARE quite appropriate for meat hauling.

I answered you because I don't know if there is anybody on this Board who owns BOTH a Cabelas set-up and a custom Kifaru. You MAY be the first?


06-07-2003, 10:20 AM
Going on 3 years now I have been using the exact same setup for rifle hunting that Yukon Hunter describes. My pack I have is the now discontinued Predator, which to my understanding is a step down from the Longhunter he is describing. Still has held up great though. I bought the large duffel which works perfect for hauling all my gear in. Then when I hunt I take all my equipment that I'll be using for the day that won't fit in the top pack and roll it all up in a little bundle in the duffel. I then just stuff this bundle between the pack frame and the cargo chair. Note the cargo chair is not down in the "haul" mode. Its snugged up right next to my back. The beauty is that I have the gun bearer for hauling my gun, and also the fact that I have the hauler available for packing once I have get something.
Good luck in your search.