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05-17-2003, 06:25 PM
Docter sight test
In the quest for the light weight gear there is another for the pot to stew over.
Have been playing around with back-up sights for a long time, did the open sight set-up with Warren bases and rings and Ashley peep. After the front sights were installed I had added 4OZ. to my $3,000 Ultra-light, now all the extra parts set in a box on a shelve.
At the range the Docter sight was good to the 200yd target(thats pushing it for a 30/30), printing a 3" group out of the Savage 30/30-12ga OU (recoil from 3"12ga turkey loads no problem). With the Weaver bases it will go on the switch barrel, as there is no need for a front sight to fodder with and add weight. At 1 OZ., withstanding up to 500 G's of recoil and a battery that will last two years it should be at home in the willderness (Patrick how much will your rifle weight?).
Did a black bird varmint hunt around the place last weekend with the sight on top of the 22LR(droped the weight down to 3lbs on the bolt action 22LR!), with a 3.5MOA dot, had to sight the Docter in 1" high at 30yds. Setting the black birds on top of the dot proved to be fatal, pulled one shot off through the trees at 40yds with a Win. power point.
With the Kifaru rain cover on the Docter sight (12ga), I was in a flash flood while turkey hunting. After 2'' rain and wind, the lightweight package was dry as a bone. With the sight only being water resistant, the Kifaru rain cover is a must in a downpour, making the set-up totally waterproof.
The Docter sight somehow adjusts itself to light and cannot be shut off, making it ready at all times. With the LED head-lite and both eyes open, the red dot is very good on a black, dark night. Moonlight was all that was needed (the only night I had a moon).
With the 358WIN barrel sited in at 300yds, going through the dead-fall after big game should be one fast set-up for the needed, sometimes snap, shot-- great on running rabbits and other small game.


Did a search and came up with some info on this site. I got mine from Jerry's Sports Center, Inc., so your favorite gun store can order you one from them if interested.

05-17-2003, 07:19 PM
Oh Posi, I'm on this like a turkey on a June bug! You've reminded me that I tried to get one of these when I bought my .480 Ruger last year. I ordered one at the same shop where I bought the Ruger. It failed to arrive prior to my pig hunt so I used the irons on that trip. Then it slipped my mind. Must have slipped the minds of the guys at that store too, 'cause it never showed up. I wonder if it's because I didn't see a mount for the big Ruger when I went to the site you graciously put up. What gives? Maybe a mount for my .480 just isn't available. I know you're in the biz, so do you have any ideas? I DID see mounts for Weavers so yes!, I can see me with a .358 barreled Rambler traipsing through bear country with a sub-four pound pounder, so to speak. Oh yes. Livin' off the land. I must admit 3-plus inches of subtend at 100 gives me pause, but if you can hit at 200 paces with that 30-30 I feel better.

Again, got any ideas on that Ruger mount? I can always get a Weaver mount too and try the same red dot doohickey on the rifle...if I like it I can get another red dot for the rifle.

You know, if the dot size is the same as the FBI uses on their 223's it'll be OK. I've shot thier rifles so equipped and did right well.

05-18-2003, 05:03 AM

I also didn't see a mount for the big Ruger? Have been through all my catalogs, no luck.

This is the Online Catalog of B-Square, Fort Worth, Texas. Looks like you can go Weaver bases for the big Ruger. Never had any doings with these type of mounts. Let me know what you come up with? 1-800-433-2909 Call them and see if they have a mount for the Docter sight itself. Good luck!


Ruger Super Redhawk 7 1/2" Scope Mount (SS) $74.95 42891

05-19-2003, 03:27 PM

Your tips paid off. I phoned B-Square and discovered they have a 480-specific Weaver set up that mounts onto the Ruger top. Two models: 42980 is target grey color; 42976 is stainless. Both are $69.95 retail. Now I can order the red dot from Docter and proceed. That site system will allow me to shoot from prone. I'm so far sighted it's difficult to use irons under any circumstances--have to hold my head up just so and let the target "blur out" a bit. I can definitely hit this way, but I can't get my head up high enough from prone to pull it off. And with that accurate ammo from Buffalo Bore, shooting from prone, I can hit from much farther than I'm able to standing or sitting. Turns the big wheel gun into a match for my muzzle loader for sure, range-wise. So THANKS, amigo.