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12-31-2003, 07:21 PM
I just got back from meeting with Mel T. of Kifaru. While I was there, he allowed me to see the latest prototypes of 2 of their latest offerings. I'm not allowed to say too much but, let me assure you, you guys are going to love them. The first one, the E&E pouch can be seen here on the Kifaru message board- there is a thread about it. The thread will explain it pretty well. I was very impressed- this looks like it is going to be a must have item for anyone who heads out into the wild. It has tons of features and is going to be very affordable.

I was very excited to get to see Kifaru's latest ruck design, the "Zulu". It is extremely innovative and is going to fill a real gap in the rucksack market. To call it "the ALICE pack of the 21st Century does not even begin to do it justice. And the best news- it is going to be priced just a bit more than the latest RAID packs. Finally, a Kifaru pack that even I can afford. Wish I could say more but you guys are just going to wait a couple more months before it goes into production.

I want to thank Mel for a great afternoon. He graciously spent 3 hours showing me every product in the military line. I got to fondle and try on everything. You really have to see the products in person. Pictures can not do justice to the innovative designs and quality construction. If you ever get a chance to see the stuff in person, go for it. Just be sure to bring your wallet.

01-02-2004, 01:05 PM
You teased us all way too much with this new "Zulu" !!! /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
See...we are all drooling and waiting for the last kifaru s baby...