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05-06-2003, 02:04 AM

I just bought two tents and two stoves, and assembled both in the yard today. I think the small stove is too small for the 4-man tipi as the fire died out pretty quick, given the size of the stove....I kept having to add fuel to the fire. Have you heard the complaint before?

Plus, your meatbag idea is a good one, but because it does not breath it is impractical for storing meat for days while in the field. You might consider mentioning that in the description. A good idea for transporting meat, only.

I did sell you another tent, as a hunting buddy came over and saw both the 8-man and 4-man tents assembled and stoves blazing in both. He is ordering a 4-man and medium stove.

In my order for the Longhunter, a gadget with a padded strap and looped buckle strap came with it. What is that?

bonedoc in alaska

05-06-2003, 03:36 AM

The smaller the stove the oftener you add wood; just goes with the territory. The alternative is toting a larger, but heavier, bulkier stove. Capish? With field use everybody concludes it's quite worth it--getting into a routine of adding wood periodically in exchange for the warmth and cooking, etc.-- for extremely low weight/bulk penalty.

The meat baggie is a bit revolutionary. If you plan on sticking around for days you have several choices: 1)Hang the meat (you'll note it must be hung upside down--so the bag can drain) and don't fret about it (despite it's violating all the "rules" no ill effect has occured yet, and it's been done many times); 2) fling the whole bag in water (sink hole, stream, pond, etc.); 3) or, especially if it's warmish, remove the meat and lay it out such that air can circulate around it. In the shade as much as possible, of course. Yes, you can put it back in the meat bag after it crusts up, if you have to leave camp and don't want it possibly molested. Flies while it's out-of-the-bag? Pepper it. Etc.

I just am NOT going to tote pounds of storage bag(s) when I can bring an ounce or two, and get the job done. Hey! Thanks for the demo to your hunting buddy! Y'all enjoy those tipis! I hope you fetched the SST pins for use up there in AK. If you've read much of the posts here you'll have noticed fellow Alaskans who insist one should not leave home without them. I quite agree, having spent much time out on the tundra in howling winds myself. In a tipi that stayed anchored due to the pins!

The strap sounds like the shoulder sling for your LongHunter's top pocket. If it was loose, instead of in the little pouch inside the top pocket, staff must have nearly forgotten it, remembered it, and stuck it in the box just before it had to be shipped. Forgive my amatuer slueth guess, as I'm just speculating here. The video will show you how to use the top pocket as a rifle-carrying lumbar pack for day trips.

Good comments. Shoot straight now.


Joe M
05-06-2003, 08:57 PM
Another reason for meat spoilage is water. The bags can actually help save meat in a good rain.