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Ed C
05-05-2003, 05:30 AM
Oz and R&R
Are you back yet?

05-12-2003, 10:18 PM
Hi Ed and the rest of the gang,

We're back and 3 days after being back we were ready to go back to Kodiak. What a wonderful
2 weeks we had! Weather was good, wildlife was awesome, fishing was good (once we found the right lure /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif ) we didn't give a sh%* about nothin'! It will be a trip that will serve me many a smile for alot of years to come.
It was hot for bears we only saw 8, compared to the 16 Oz saw last spring and he didn't find one he wanted to take. But we saw over 70 deer, 50 seals, 20-30 otters, muskrat, fox, more eagles, ducks and other birds than I could count, I was just surprised we couldn't find a partridge in a pear tree! Not too used to coming home without what we set out after... hope it doesn't become a trend, but come to think of it we both came home with what we were in search of, some much needed peace of mind from being in country. And what rugged country it is, send my girl scout butt to the Brooks Range anyday (far easier walking and climbing)
Oz did bring home one heck of a trophy, but I'll let him fill you in on the "Feather Safari"! Don't know when I've had a better time, but hope to have alot more of them this summer and fall, ready to dig the jet boat out (Oz was working on his when I went over this p.m. to reclaim some gear) we need to put the cataraft together and take the families on some float trips and catch some fish!
and sometime I should drop by work (maybe this winter) All for now and hope each of you enjoyed the spring as much as us whether chasing bears, gobblers or just making memories being outside.

05-13-2003, 10:05 AM

Welcome back. My interest is piqued about this "trophy" of Oz's.

Jet boat? WOW, you guys are gearheads for sure. I've seen 'em on the Yukon--looks like a hoot. But what is a cataraft? The name sounds sorta like a two-pontoon soft raft...with a deck on top? If I have it right, does it also have something like a cabin? Sounds posh, Dude! Ah, toys, toys, toys.

05-13-2003, 10:53 AM
Hi Patrick,
While I was rambling about our trip I forgot to mention the 8 man tipi served us well, plus I use the gunbearer now & thanks to an old football injury that left me with a bum shoulder it's the ticket for me. Thanks for making great gear! As to Oz's "trophy" all I can say is it had been a looong time since I had laughed so hard I couldn't stand up, I got part of it on video, but it was probably one of those times you just had to be there, don't know if it would translate to written word very well, but it' Oz's story so I'll let him tell it.

Our cabin is on a shallow, nasty, rocky,winding, sweeper laden stretch of river so a jetboat is a necessity (so far I haven't convinced the wife that 2 identical boats are a necessity, but I have 2 anyway so what the heck)] You are right on target on the cataraft, ours is 2 air chambers on each side of the aluminum frame with a wooden deck, chairs, gear sling, but NO CABIN. We used it floating the Sheenjek last year along with a double ender that we rented from the flying service, when we we're just hauling gear & 1 passenger each I could outfloat Oz (who was rowing the cataraft) but after we took 2 moose (56 & 58") and a griz the cataraft came into it's own, we had to put a moose and a half of the other one on the cat so I could keep up with Oz, it is a meat hauling machine! Now if I can just get Oz building a cabin for it hmmmm..... He's busy getting his jet boat together so we can go bait some black bears so on with the show and thanks again for great gear. Randy
P.S. As for baiting bears, I would much rather spot & stalk, less work IMO and far more satisfying, but you are NOT going to get many bears out of river bottoms by spot & stalk so you go with what works even though it's not as fun it still beats whatever is on tv.

05-13-2003, 07:47 PM
Glad to hear you both returned safely from an enjoyable excursion.....do you have any new ideas on hip boots?.....I've never found a good replacement for the Marathon boot of 15 years ago....


05-15-2003, 09:47 AM
Hi Vern,

Are you back from ole Mehico? As to hip boots, we didn't take any this last excursion, Oz used chest waders and I used waist highs, both of us with Hodgman airbob sole wading shoes. We took a square stern raft and a 15 hp Honda 4 stoke (good on gas & no fuel mixing and oh so quiet)when we got by boat to where we would climb/hike we switched to boots, sealskinz & gaiters. Worked pretty well, if we had worn hippers would have gotten wet messing with the boat or loading and unloading the Beaver. I did purchase a pair of the Chinese Lacrosse hippers recently but have not worn them enough to give a report as to the difference vs. the original made in USA version. But my guess is quality will suffer, but perhaps not, maybe the threat of being shot for not doing a quality job is a stronger stick than the carrot of a liveable wage for the assembly worker but it doesn't speak very highly of the world we are creating. Still love seeing those words Made in the U.S.A. but seeing it more rarely these days, let me know when you're headed to Squarebanks and we'll break bread or swill some Java. Might be down your way to run the Goodpaster this summer. Randy