View Full Version : Looks like the anniversary present will make it after all!!!

04-28-2011, 05:04 PM
I ordered a KU5200 for my wife as an Anniversary present to replace her Mystery Ranch NICE 6500 as a hunting pack. Her Mystery Ranch was 10 lbs all up so this will cut 7 lbs off her pack weight right off the bat and being as she broke her leg in Oct of 2010 on a goat hunt the less weight and stress the better since by the time our sheep rolls around she'll only be 10 month post leg break. Plus when she is using a UL pack on our backcountry summer treks I'll get to rock the KU5200 :D

Anyways I was stressing cause when I ordered the pack it was set to arrive May 6th (4 days before our anniversary) so it should easily make it to AK now. Really looking forward to putting my hands on this Kifaru UL stuff.

Thanks for bailing out my poor planning KIFARU!!! :D

04-28-2011, 09:01 PM
Seven pounds weight savings? Wow, that's excellent! In fact, (not implying that this applies to your situation), but a Kifaru Ultralight pack would be just about perfect for any expectant mother! That seven pound savings will nicely balance a typical baby-belly, so your mom-to-be can ruck-up and continue to hike and hunt with you, right up to delivery!

Gentlemen, be gentle men, and buy your the mother(s) of your kids an ultra light pack. Once you explain the benefits, you can be sure that she will never forget!