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Ken C
04-26-2003, 06:30 AM
I have the eight man tipi and the large stove. I fired up the stove for the first time. I made a "serious fire for at least a half hour " to burn the pipe in.

During my use, the tent filled with smoke. The smoke was coming out of the spaces next to the stove instead of the stove pipe. I checked the screens and they were not clogged. What can I do to prevent the smoke from filling the tent. Is it as simple as just making a smaller fire.

Thanks in advance

04-26-2003, 07:08 AM
Here are a couple things you can do to reduce smoke.

1st remove one screen unless your wood is real "poppy". I will some times pull the remaining screen out just a bit too.
Make sure the drafts on the door are all the way open.

I will often leave the door open a crack to ensure plenty of air is coming in.

Use a mix of small and large wood. If the wood is too big it will want to smoke.

Hope these ideas will help.

Ed C
04-26-2003, 10:50 AM
Hi Ken
The secret to using these stoves or any wood stove is dry wood. I realize you can't always get the best wood when you are out hunting or camping, but at home make sure you have dry wood. It sounds like you have a draft problem. You know Fuel Heat Oxygen. As Ed says leave the door cracked for more air until you have a really hot fire going, bigger not smaller fire. I acheive this with smaller wood hotter fire. When Patrick says serious fire he means a foot or two of flame coming out of the stack. Sometimes the sides of my stove glows red actually every time if I have a good fire going. Any wood stove will smoke if you open the door to feed it and the dampers are not open. Barely crack the door open for a few seconds so it can get some air then open it all the way to feed with wood. I have been using wood stoves in tents for years all kinds. I still fill the tent up with smoke every once in a while even with my wall tent and air tight stove, it wasn't the stove I did something wrong. I just unzip the doors get the smoke out and tell myself not to do that anymore, but I always do. My wife really gets upset when I do it in the house with our wood stove. I have to hand it to Patrick and Ed these are terrific stoves. I love mine. Get back to us and let us know how you are doing.
Ed C