View Full Version : For 7mmstw, my thoughts on the Leica Duovids and the Swarovski EL

04-25-2003, 06:13 PM
My choice would be the 10x42 Swarovski EL. I have looked at both, and the Swarovski EL was the clear winner. Now if you were choosing between the Leica 10x42 and the Swarovski 10x42 SLC you might like the Leica better. If you check the specs on the Duovids compared to older style Trinovids(compare them to the 8x42 and 12x50) you will see that they have a much smaller field of view. It must have been something they had to give up in order to make them dual power. That being said, I have the Swarovski 7x42 and the 15x56. I am going to sell the 7's and buy the EL's. I feel that the EL's have better optics than any other binocular on the market at this time. However, you will want to check them out for yourself. Not everyone judges image quality the same. As a rule Leica's usually have better color contrast and the Swarovski's have a sharper image. But that was before the EL's were designed, I feel that they have both the excellent color contrast and the sharp image. Factor in the lighter weight of the 10x42 EL's (27.5 oz) and you have an outstanding hunting binocular. All you need to complete the package is one of the new 20-60x65 Swarovski spotting scopes and you are set for about any hunt that you could dream of. Just my humble opinion of course.