View Full Version : Ultralight series (especially 2200) as mountaineering/climbing packs?

03-31-2011, 08:36 PM
I'm really considering getting a KU 2200 as a mountaineering/climbing daypack and selling off my MOLLE Express. The ability to have a light, minimalist and very narrow-profile pack with a good suspension for long approach walks which can then be removed sounds awesome to me. As-is I can see two issues from this point of view:

1 - Attaching mountaineering/ice axes
2 - No lid pocket

A pocket on the lid (just for a few snack bars and a hat, that sort of thing) much like the pocket on the lid of the Express would be awesome. It needn't be very heavy duty.

Maybe there is some way to rig up ice tools onto the pack. Having one in hand to fiddle with would it easier to figure out. Maybe someone can come up with some ideas? Stuffing them down the compression straps or between my back and the pack is what I'll usually do when I might need them, but for longer-range travel I prefer to use specialised attachment systems which most modern mountaineering packs will have.

Also, any idea how durable this material is to abrasion? Reckon it'd withstand being scraped up the odd chimney?

Anyone using theirs for this sort of thing?

I'd also ask for it in more hi-vis colours like my current 45 litre pack but I can't imagine that'd curry much favour on these boards! ;)


04-01-2011, 01:26 PM
You could just add a KU possibles bag or a KU belt pouch to the waist belt and have the quick access storage you are used to in a lid pocket, it's just on your belt instead.

For the ice axe problem, you could put a long pocket on one side and slip your axe in behind it. The long pocket could also replace the lid/belt pouch mentioned above. You might also be able to attach a tactical fold out which has molle slots on it and use that to rig an attachment system for your axe.

04-01-2011, 05:49 PM
The problem then is that you're widening the profile of the pack. As well as the light weight, the narrow profile is part of what appeals so strongly to me about the KU series packs (especially the 2200). Putting a small pouch on the waistbelt would be a slightly better solution as you can at least wrap the belt around the back when climbing (or take it off), but it's then a pain to get at stuff inside when you reach the top of a pitch (I often rig up a pouch onto the belt of the pack in the photo and I have the same issue).

When you end up climbing things like this (not me, not my photo), you're appreciative of a tall, thin pack!


04-01-2011, 08:29 PM
There are attachment points on the top of the 2200 so you could mount a belt pouch, possibles pouch, long pocket or small pod to the top and have a lid pocket. As far as an ice axe is concerned there are plenty of attachment points on the back of the 2200. You could use straps from the KU lash kit to lash an ice axe to the back of the pack or you could build your own loops using webbing and buckles.

I recently built a diagnol ski carry system for my Late Season. I bought some heavy duty 1 inch webbing and some side release buckles. I made two small, adjustable loops and hooked one to a tab loop on the top of the pack the other to one of the lower back pouch loops. The home made system for my Late Season works as well as the dedicated ski carry system on a BCA Stash BC pack.