View Full Version : 8 Man K Tipi with Liner, Netting & Large K Stove

03-31-2011, 12:52 AM
Am selling the whole package for $1000 firm, and is a package deal only. The tipi is coyote brown and does need some restitching in a few small areas. These areas include 1 1/2" long section at the stove jack-silnylon junction and to restitch about 6" of velcro at the stove jack for the flap. There are some (6-8) web peg loops which should be replaced because they are partly to fully torn from using pegs that were too wide for the loops. Apart from that there are a few pin holes and a 1/4" long gash above one door. All easy repairs for someone handy with a needle & thead. I have a few of the plastic dura-pegs, but mostly use aluminum pegs (I'll include a wide assortment of pegs with lots of extras).

The stove is used and certainly does not have that shiny look to it any more, but it still performs perfectly.

First person to confirm that they want this package at the above stated price, either on this thread or via PM gets this package.

I am taking paypal (non-echeck variety) only for this transaction.

Sold Pending Funds

03-31-2011, 05:33 AM
I'll take it!