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04-04-2003, 06:55 PM
Patrick, forgive me if this question has been addressed before but I am fairly recent to this forum. Your four man teepeee is on my list of things to buy in the not too distant future but that leprechaun you have dancing under the 6'6" peak is shorter than me by a ways because I can't come close to standing upright in the tipi. (I'm 76" and have tried a friend's 4-man) Do you ever adjust the dimensions of the tipis? I really don't want the weight and space of the eight man, the 4 man seems ideal for my purposes, but I could use about 8-10 more inches of head space. Possible? Additional Cost?

Thanks, Elmbow

04-04-2003, 07:22 PM

Ho! You'll have to talk to maggie about that leprechaun. But I do know what you mean about being 6'4"--a six-footer can stand right by the pole, but you have to scrunch a bit. Here's the deal on "customizing" a 10 inch taller 4-man for you: we have to start at the bottom; can't do a bulbous sort of thing at the top only. Just ain't aerodynamically feasible. And the upshot of that is you'll have a tipi that weighs just about midway between a 4-man and an 8-man. Cost? It'll be essentially a brand new design--patterns, pole demension--the whole tamale. Trust me, you won't want to pay it. Your best bet by far is to fetch yourself an 8-man. Ultralight. It is a very satisfying "home" out there and well worth the modest extra weight when you consider the value of camp comfort. Your collegues on this Board who own roomy 8-men tipis like 'em a lot. They are the optimum solution for big guys who like some room. Even at your height you can walk around freely inside. Give it some thought, you'll never regret it.

04-05-2003, 05:04 AM
Thanks Patrick, I will give it more thought.