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03-12-2011, 09:52 PM
Well, since there was not a forum for regulator bags, but that I am talking weights and sizes, I figured this forum was the better of the choices available.

Decided to do a few photos and weight measurements between my old Wiggys bags, and the new Kifaru bags I bought while overseas this last time. There is not much of this type of comparison data on line anywhere, so feel free and ask me if you want something different done.

First up standard weights of the stuff sacks/ bags.

Kifaru Stuff Sack- SMALL 2.4oz
Kifaru Stuff Sack- MEDIUM 2.6oz
Kifaru Stuff Sack- LARGE 3.1oz
Granite Gear tubular Stuff Sack- X-LARGE 6.8oz
Wiggys Stuff Sack- XX-LARGE 7.8oz

Kifaru, 0* slick 3lbs 1.1oz
Kifaru, 0* MOB 3lbs 15.9oz
Kifaru, 20 slick 2lbs 6 oz
Wiggys, 0* 5lbs 2.4oz
Wiggys, 20* 4lbs 9,4oz

All Kifaru bags tested are Std width, Long Length
All Wiggys bags tested are Wide width, Long Length

First I need to apologize in great length, I know I took the photo, but cannot find it, but there is no 20 slick and 20 Wiggy comparisons, but for sake of arguments, its just as close as the 0 slick and 0 Wiggys. Infact minus thickness, one would not know which was which unless I labeled the photo. Sorry again, anyways….

I have used the Wiggys bags the past few years with great success. I have also pushed the limit on each bags temp rating and found them to be accurate. For the elk hunt in 09, I had to combine them when sleeping in my Eureka Alpenlite, I was nice and warm (still 15 degress above temp limit), but the 0 would not have worked since I stopped looking at the thermometer at -10, but it got much colder. The Kifarus have yet to be really tested, the only thing I have done is sleep on the patio on a night where Mr weather man said. Low of 20 0 chance of precep. I was out there on a downmat 9 dx and slept like a baby in a set of smartwool lightweights, and socks. Actual field testing coming this spring, and man, can I not wait… just look at weights and one can tell why. But wait till you see the photos…

First up is the Kifaru 0 slick bag and the Wiggys 0. Again like noted above, the Wiggys is wide/long, the Kifaru is std/long. But the Kifaru give you great width in the chest, that I have a hard time telling them apart from the inside. Kifaru on Left, Wiggys on Right. Everything seems even so far.

Next are the compression sacks, Kifaru 5 string on top, the granite gear tubular sack I used with the wiggys since it makes for a nice package that just fits the ZXR bottom flap. Kifaru out did themselves on these stuff sacks. Everyone who has seen them are thoroughly impressed including the sales rep at REI when I was looking for a drybag for the spring months. The 0 slick or MOB both fit a Medium stuff sack just fine.

Next up, I stuff them in the sacks, but did not compress them… yes, these are both 0* bags. Yes, that is a hell of a difference already.


Compressed with the std Nalgeen for size comparison, now the extra money is starting to show thru

And the stuff sacks rotated 90*, now you really see a difference

Next up is the Kifaru 0 MOB, this is like the outer bag on the MSS or FTRSS setups. It weighs a bit more since its larger to fit outside easily, has extra snaps/ Velcro/ zippers/ etc. The extra zippers are for emergency garment use, field observation, etc. I have yest to buy the sleeves since they are not available right now so I need to wait until they become available, but I will buy them and a few other things in the packlock lineup.

0MOB on left, 0 slick on right, both Kifaru bags (sorry didn’t feel like re stuffing the 0 Wiggys since it sucks to do so.

And compressed, again the Kifaru MOB is in a Medium stuff sack, the Wiggys 0 is still in the Granite Gear tubular sack.

Next up is the 20 slick and 20 Wiggys. I used this 20 Wiggys A LOT since it always seems to drop below 40 except for a few months in the summer, so I always pack this, as you can tell it compresses a lot nicer than the 0, so be it in the same XL Granite gear tubular stuff sack. This combo fits great in the bottom of the ZXR. The 20 slick bag from Kifaru is in a Small stuff sack, and is the Bees Knee. I so cant wait to start using this. I am dropping A LOT of weight on this mod alone, from 5lbs to 2.5 lbs, just in sleeping bags (well including stuff sacks too). HOLY CRAP batman. I really don’t know why I waited so long to do this.

Seriously look at that difference. But when I was double checking some of my figures, I thought I would drop this photo on you for an idea on size.

I was to lazy to swap out the 20 to the 0 on the Wiggys bags, but still EVEN with the Wiggys 20 in stuff sack, I was able to take both the 0MOB AND 20 slick in a Kifaru Large stuffsack and make a equally sized package. This -35f combo takes up as much room as my old 20*bag. Next time someone sees me on the trail, feel free to give me a Gibbs from NCIS smack on the back of the old grape –k-. Now this -35f combo weighs a bit more (6.5lbs, stuff sack and all), but when you think the 0 Wiggys weighs in at 5lbs 9 oz with sack… It’s really only one lb more for 35 degree extra difference.

I will probally be a preacher of kifaru bags after my first few uses, since I am certain they are worth their little weight in gold… stuffing… well whatever so be it. Thumbs up to the Kifaru team! Hope no one minds me adding this here.

03-13-2011, 06:59 PM
Great information spool up. I got a 20* slick (wide/long) this winter and have not had a chance to use it yet. Just getting into the solo-camping thing.
Nice info and nice comparisons.

03-14-2011, 12:35 AM
Excellent report, thanx Spoolup!

Wind Talker
03-14-2011, 07:50 AM
Thanks very much for the in-depth feedback & pictures spoolup! That last picture was a bit of an eye opener.

03-14-2011, 09:05 AM
I too really appreciate your in-depth report, spoolup. I've been considering a Kifaru slick bag and its great to have more information.

05-12-2011, 01:16 PM
I know that a med 5 string will fit either a wiggys 20deg core or 35deg overbag. I will probably get the large 5 string when I get a wiggys 0deg bag. Wiggys bags are pretty bulky, but I've been plenty warm in mine (down to about -15 in my -20FTRSS), and that kind of peace of mind is worth the bulk.

I would GREATLY appreciate some input from people that have extensively used both, in similar temp conditions. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the notion that Climashield Combat is 33% more efficient than Lamilte, and even then I'd have a hard time justifying the cost difference. But what can I say, I'm a Wiggys fanboy.

Spoolup, Wiggys makes a lateral compression stuff sack similar to the one you are using that I've had good luck with. Its make from the same material as the top down stuff sacks and works very well.

Edited to add:

Here is a medium 5 string kifaru stuff sack and a medium wiggys lateral compression stuff sack, both housing a long/wide Wiggys 35deg overbag.

The Wiggys is slightly longer, but also slightly thinner. Comparing to a small kifaru 5 string would have been interesting, the medium had compressed all the way.