View Full Version : Tipi Liner?

03-12-2003, 08:57 PM
Although I have had my 8 man tipi for almost a year, set up it a couple times in the back yard, fired the stove, etc., I hadn't actully camped in it until two weeks ago. I live in the Central Oregon High Desert and erected the tipi on damp sand/dirt. I would guess it got down to 20 degrees that night. The stove worked great. My only wish is that something like this had been available 25 years ago.

However, with two adults and two 11 y/o boys a lot of condensation formed on the lower interior walls over night. The next morning the stove was going from 0615 to about 0930 and did not "dry up" the condensation. The tent was then opened up for another 90 minutes and was still wet when I took it down. I spread it out when I got home to get it dry. I did vent the tent when the stove was heating.

This seemed like a lot of moisture. However, how would the new Tipi liners help this, if at all?


03-14-2003, 11:23 AM

Well, I see no one has answered you yet re the liner. So let me do so. The liner stays dry even if the inside skin of the tipi itself is moist. This keeps you, your sleeping bag and so forth bone dry no matter what. And I'll agree with you that some condensation episodes are just plain pesky--the stuff stays put despite efforts to dissipate it. (Tip: run the stove on "vigorous".) It would seem lots of tipi owners just stay away from moist walls when (if) balky condensation occurs, as by no means do all owners opt for the liner, even after long experience where surely they have encountered some moisture at one time or another. The tents are plenty large enough for both you and your gear to stay away from intimate contact with the interior walls. Nevertheless, the liner does an excellent job of making any condensation a non-issue. We'll build you one if you want it. And I'm delighted to hear you are enjoying your tipi!