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03-02-2003, 06:54 PM
I have been visiting this sight for over a year and just now I am registering. It strikes me as immpresive in the extream.

I need a X-large capacity pack for back pack hunts that will likely last a minimum of 7 days.

My question is the fallowing:

Is the "Long Hunter Guide Pack" truely a better pack for hunting than the "Extended Mission Ruck" or would thay both perform about the same. I realy like the fact that the EMR readly accepts a wide varity of external compartments, as the L.H.G.P has none. I also like the fact the EMR has more compression straps than the L.H.G.P. It would also appeir that the EMR will compress down alot more than the L.H.G.P, and could be used as a large day pack once I get my camp set up

The pack I buy will be used for hunting mostly elk where walk in distances would be long at least 5+ miles in from any road, so I will have to carry 100% of my equipment on my back, and if succesfull, pack out my de-boned elk.

I have been looking at different packs for over a year now, and although there are some great large capacity packs out there like Greagory, or Kelty, few are made spacifically for hunting like Kifaru are.

Lastly, I have been hearing great things about Vortex/Badlands packs, what do you all think of them? As far as I can tell Badlands only go up to 4500ci in hunting packs, and Vortex are designed more for strate back packing and not realy for hunting.

I would greatly appreciate any and all input and the the time it takes for it to be posted.


03-05-2003, 07:17 PM
Hello Art--

Good to have you on the Board. As nobody has commented yet--probably because they haven't used BOTH packs, as I have--it looks like I'll have to jump in here.

The LongHunter Guide is a better pack FOR HUNTING. It's fleece panels not only make it quieter but also allow you to show stealthy camo OR safety blaze orange. It is just as comfortable as the EMR (both packs share virtually the same suspension system) and can accept added side pockets as well as a back pouch. It is lighter. It compresses very small, and many hunters use it as a large day pack. It should be plenty large enough for your needs.

Nevertheless, some hunters ARE using the big EMR. And liking it a lot. I kinda think all that extra pocket flexibility is irresistable to some guys. Nothing wrong with that. We can't provide that with the hunting packs because of the fleece panels. We'll of course build either pack for you. Your call. Tip: if you go with the EMR be sure you get the optional Combat GunBearer!


03-06-2003, 06:47 PM
Thank you for your reply. If I am to understand your comments correctly, you said that the LONGHUNTER GUIDE PACK will accept added side pockets as well as a back pocket? If so is a single side pocket large enough tp hold a small spotting scope and try pod like my Nikon Spotter XL?

I might be wrong and or blind, but I didn't notice while looking at the add here for the Longhunter, any add-on external pockets.

I would appreciate you clearing this up for me, although I am in no rush, I wish to make my pack choice soon.

Regards, Art.

03-06-2003, 07:15 PM

Our Maggie actually writes and lays out the commercial pages of the site here. BUT, I wandered over and figured out how you get to these pockets (all by my little old lonesome!). Here's the sequence: 1) Home Page 2) pack page 3)LongHunter page 4) All Accessories page 5) Pockets and Pouches page 6) Side Pockets and Back pouch. Actually, I found a mistake while I was there: the Side Pouches are 450ci, not 300. I'll have to notify Maggie.

The Side Pockets should hold your small scope/tripod. But I think a better option is to put them just inside the top of the pack in the standard-feature large Sheath pouch--there's more protection there and it's very fast and easy to access. I think that's it. Take a look.


03-06-2003, 11:11 PM

I actually like putting my scope in the back pouch with my rain jacket as some padding. When I sit to take a look, I can easily access the scope and pull my tripod from behind it where the bungy cord holds it firmly in place and keeps it hidden. I think I responded to your post over on bowsite - let me know if you have some more user questions. JOHN

04-18-2003, 07:53 AM

I have just registered ,I have been looking at this site for some time as Kifaru has the best outdoor equipment there is.I must say that ART338 has ask the same thing I've been thinking.I have look at both the longhunter and the MMR and I think the MMR would be the one I would hunt with. I like the gunbearer system it also have a cargo hauling system and I like the auxiliary holster, that could come in very handy.I perfere the way the MMR looks on a persons back it seems it can be carried easier, I think I would buy it over the longhunter for hunting. Thanks,Kev

04-18-2003, 09:10 AM
Just a few words on the Long Hunter Guide. Not only is it the best big hunting pack, it is the BEST BIG PACK, period.
I have carried them all, and the closest was the Dana Designs Astralplane as far as carrying weight well. The Kifaru LH Guide carries the load better than the Dana and is also a "Hunting" pack, which none of the other mountaineering/backpack makers can claim.

The features like the gun bearer, hand warmer pouch and cargo chair are an added bonus to an already great pack.

The LH Guide is big. Big enough in fact to drop a 40 bag of dog food in with lots of room to spare. (We have a several mile ski/snow shoe to get home during the winter)

If you get a LH you won't be sorry!

04-18-2003, 09:50 AM
Hello Kev, and welcome.

Just for the record, the EMR/MMR/LongHunters all "carry" exactly the same. So don't let that persuade you one way or the other. Now, if you really like the Auxilliary Holster then that is only available on the Military packs, and makes perfect sense decision-wise. The GunBearer system and the CargoChair system is available on both Hunting and Military packs.

04-18-2003, 12:14 PM
Just wanted to make point out that I was refering to the Long Hunter vs: other brand packs not a comparison to the EMR/MMR.
Other packs may look similar to the Kifaru as far as size, suspension etc, but the proof is in the carry. Other brands to not carry as well.