View Full Version : Torso Length Question

02-06-2011, 01:17 PM
Quick question. Are all Kifaru bags the same size and one just sizes them to their torso by picking the correct stay length to insert? Or does Kifaru have small, medium, and large torso lengths like they do for their belts?

I ask because I made my gf try on my ZXR the other day, because I couldn't remember if I had a small or medium belt. It pretty much fit her all the way sinched up. She's little, but I inputted my waist size as 32" so I got the small belt. Soooo...what all this means is I could potentially justify a KU 2200 in addition to a KU 3700. She could wear the 2200 with 22" stays, and I could throw my 24" stays into it when I want a smaller overall pack. I'm 6'0" and she's 5'4". Am I on target with this, or am I missing something?


02-06-2011, 01:55 PM
Conrad, you are right on target. Small belt will work for both of you. And if you specced 32" waist for yourself you do have the small belt.

Yes, you can insert your 3700 24" stays in her pack when you want to use her 2200. As you're six feet you can even use her 22" stay set-up, as is, unless the load you carry in it is way up there. Then you might want to switch to your 3700's 24" stays. Point is, you can do that readily.

Looks like you have this figured out nicely. Great his 'n hers set-up.