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02-26-2003, 02:38 PM
What does everyone have planned for 03? Here are some of my plans.

Apply for sheep tags in numerous western states. If Lady Luck shines on me, this will be my main focus. Just in case I don't come through with one of those 300 to 1 tags, here is my back up plan.

Spring hunt for bear and turkey in MT. Put in for cow elk tag and B tag for deer. Use A deer tag to back pack into Cabinet Wilderness in search of high mountain mulies. Thinking about a snow cock hunt in Nevada as well.

Still planning on hunting Barbary Sheep in New Mexico with Patrick in early 04.

How about it guys, what's on your agenda.


02-26-2003, 07:30 PM
I'm not exactly sure if I will be hunting anywhere differently this season as last. As a rule, I hunt Massachusetts and Connecticut. In Connecticut, Archery opens on Sept 15th and runs until November 15th or so. Then the private land rifle opens up until December 7th and then the muzzleloader will run until December 21st or so.

Massachusetts archery opens on Columbus Day and runs to the third Saturday in November. After that, the shotgun season opens on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and will run two weeks. Then, the muzzleloader opens until New Years Eve. I can shoot four deer with the bow in Ct, two deer with the rifle and two with the muzzleloader. In Mass, I can take two bucks and as many does as I can get permits for.

In the spring, I can shoot three turkeys in Connecticut and two in the Fall. In Mass, I can shoot two turkeys in the spring or one in the fall.

Needless to say, I can really fill my plate. I may actually look into hunting the muzzleloader season in New Hampshire. I like the idea that their muzzleloader season is before the general firearm season and you can use a muzzleloading handgun as well. Also, some areas of New Hampshire are limited to shotgun, muzzleloader or HANDGUN due to human population. I think it would be a hoot to hunt the southern portions with a handgun for deer.

Lately the Mass bear population has been increasing and I was thinking of applying for my permit. The only bad thing is that you can't use bait or dogs. Mass is very thick and brushy so the spot and stalk method that can be used effectively out west doesn't work here. I do know a number of bear are taken on illegal baits. I may look into using a scent of some type to lure them in.

So, that is my basic plan unless something else crops up.

02-27-2003, 06:00 AM
The annual drop in all cash levels seems to indicate that a number of sheep tags have been applied for again! While living in Colorado a few years ago I actually got lucky and drew an archery bighorn tag and took a 162" ram. Quite a thrill and one I'd love to repeat. Heck someone has to draw those overpriced tags. It cost me $150 as a resident, which is about as cheap as a 9 year old ram can come!

My actual planned hunts are a high country muzzleloader elk hunt in Colorado in September of course. I am also relatively sure of drawing a muzzleloader tag for deer in October in Colorado. I had so much fun archery hunting in Iowa two years ago, that it is now a must draw as well.

Those are the hunts unless a sheep tag, mountain goat tag, or a premier elk tag from Utah show up in the mail and then things will get interesting....

02-27-2003, 11:45 AM
I am sad to anounce that I will only be going on a moose hunt (MEAT) this coming fall. That aside, the small displeasure that I feel for my weak hunting season is more than compensated by the expected arival of our fourth child (Girl?). After our two foster daughters were placed with their families this fall, God didn't want me to get to used to the foot loose and fancy free lifestyle of three kids. Hopefully this one is a little more girly than my oldest daughter. That way the wife won't mind so much when I take the oldest hunting.

By the way, She (Oldest) is chomping at the bit to go Spring bear hunting agian. But, she will have to wait until next year. By then she should have her own rifle (sorry Patrick, it will be domestic beer level) and have it dialed in. Never seen her so jazzed up about anything. I think she just likes showing up my hunting partners.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


02-27-2003, 07:29 PM
Tyde - probably early but hope you don't mind me saying congratulation. Great reason to hang around the homestead a little more.

John in Texas
02-27-2003, 11:55 PM
Ray and I will be breaking in a new hunting partner this November. We plan to fly into the Selway Bitteroot Wilderness in Idaho and spend 9 or 10 days backpacking for deer and elk.
We just got our paratarp. Any suggestions on how to set it up to increase the living area of a 4 man tipi?
John in Texas

02-28-2003, 08:23 AM

Good stuff planned there! I have a similar idea on hunting the Cabinets for mulies - Iffan I draw one of them thar tags! Not sure why I have not tried that hunt before???. Spectacular country. If you want to do a hunt together, send me your email and we can jaw about it. I am at Stan_Andino@Yahoo.com.

I tried for the elusive Snowcocks a few times and never did connect - although I did see some. As they flushed way out of range and sailed across canyons, my swearing must have carried for miles! That has got to be one of the most unique hunts in North America! NDOW in Elko used to give out maps of their areas and info on the exasperating buggers. Super beautiful country there too!


02-28-2003, 09:28 AM

Listening to you talk about hunting with your daughter has me excited about taking my own. She won't be able to get a big game tag for another 5 years or so, but I have her rifle picked out and she is becoming a fine shot with the Crosman. She has been hunting with me since she was old enough to hold her head up on her own and is a great help around camp. I can't think of a better way to spend time than outside with a kid.

Her little sister hasn't been around long enough to determine whether she likes it or not, but I have high hopes. Now I just need to talk Momma into one more....

Congratulations, sir, I trust you will teach those kids right.


paonia coyote
03-01-2003, 01:37 PM
In September I plan to do lots of grouse hunting and wild turkey. Also black bear if I draw a tag.

In October I am still debating with myself about a high altitude trophy elk hunt in the San Juans or a cow elk hunt on the Grand Mesa during first rifle season. Second rifle season will be a concurrent hunt for deer and bear. I will put in for a Moose hunt for first week of October, but probably won't get a tag.

I will apply for a desert big horn for November, but odds of drawing are slim.

03-02-2003, 10:08 AM
Start the season out with trip to the great state of Co. We willbe hunting NE of Gunnison and working the Fossil Ridge area with Muzzle Loaders and Archery. Hope to draw a deer tag for that area as well.

Then back to WI for Archery Deer and hunting Grouse.

Then the UP of Michigan for Deer and if I ma luckey I will draw bear tag in the UP this year.

Cannot wait to get to Co and use my new 8 man Tipi and Stove.

03-07-2003, 10:52 AM
I'll be staying close to home unless I draw a Moose tag in Maine. One thing I am going to try this year is a Black Bear with my Anaconda during the early bear only season. Some friends and I have stumbled on a bear hotspot, I saw one and jumped another on a four day hunt during deer season last fall, this place is literally crawling with them (Also some Moose sign, which is rare in NY). I have a hard time bringing the pistol out for deer when I have pefectly good rifles, but I would like a trophy or two with the big Colt. At the very least this will give me some valuable scouting time for old mossyhorns! Can't wait!