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01-18-2011, 07:34 PM
The KU videos answered a lot of my questions but created some new ones. I was all set to order a KU5200 but after seeing the KU3700 with three pods attached and the configuration with an E&E and two long pockets I am now rethinking things. On the website and in the video the KU3700 is rated for 70+ lbs and the KU5200 is rated for 100+ lbs. What actually allows the KU5200 to be rated higher than the KU3700? Is the KU5200 waist belt better? Are the KU5200 shoulder straps better? Is there some other feature of the KU5200 missing from the KU3700?

There is a previous thread discussing the suspension/belt differences across the KU models where Patrick mentions that the belt/shoulder straps from a larger KU pack can be installed on a smaller pack. Does that mean if a KU3700 is ordered with the KU5200 belt/shoulder straps then the upgraded KU3700 can be rated for 100+ lbs?

If I had both a KU5200 and a KU3700 (with standard belt/shoulder straps) could I attach the KU5200 belt onto the KU3700? If so, would this increase the rating of the KU3700?

Since Iím a gearaholic I will probably end up with both packs but I think the KU3700 will work for most situations especially if it can carry heavy loads. Are there any disadvantages to ordering a KU3700 with the KU5200 belt/shoulder straps besides the extra $30?

01-18-2011, 08:36 PM
Hi Davesuvak,

The answer is "not quite". Reason is the 5200 Lumbar pad is more robust, as is belt. Yes, you will receive an increment in performance but not the complete package.

This is abbreviated because I am working from an iPhone which is wholly a new experience to this old mountain man! How am I doin' guys?

01-18-2011, 09:14 PM
Doing good Patrick. Ha ha Darn technology.

01-19-2011, 08:22 AM

Thanks for your response. I have one last question on this subject. Is it possible to order a KU3700 with the KU5200 lumbar pad if I wanted a 100+ lbs KU3700?

01-19-2011, 12:18 PM
My company replaced my BB with an IPhone. Learned most from my children :)
Pretty simple though..Looks like you are doing fine.

01-19-2011, 05:53 PM
Hey Dave,

It looks like we were thinking the exact same thing at the same time given the date/time of our initial posts. Patrick had replied to me with this: "Conrad, my response to davesuvac on another thread last evening addresses your question. The three KU Suspension Sustems are progressively more robust' in ascending order according cubic inch capacity of pack. While waistbelts are interchangeable lumbar pads are not. Ergo, installing a 5200 belt on a 3700 pack will enhance it's load bearing comfort, but not identically comparable to the production 5200. It will take you from 70-plus pounds rating to 85--plus pounds or so."

So it seems lumbar pads are not interchangeable and thus you can't realize the same load rating as the next pack up. In my case I was interested in beefing up the 2200 to the 3700 specs. In the grand scheme of things it might be that for me the 3700 is what I need for my big game hunts, and the 2200 does the job for everything else. I'd like a one pack does all with pockets. I know the 3700 can compress a lot, but I can't say that it will be slim and compact like the 2200 (based on the videos) which is what I'd like for scouting, weekend fishing/backpacking/camping, and coyote calling rambles. A 2200 with pockets and a 70lb load rating could fit the big game need with my compact/light gear, but it sounds like I can't get a 70lb load rating, what about a 5200 suspension on a 2200? Or do I just get two packs. ZXR and old Gregory Whitney will be for sale. Just thinking out loud :).


01-20-2011, 09:05 AM
Hi Conrad,

I read your thread and noticed the same thing. :)

In the video for the KU2200 Patrick provides the rating for each pack but he also makes the following statements: ďthey all will carry more. They all will carry more reasonably comfortably. But these are the conservative ratings we put on themĒ.

I plan to order a KU3700 with the upgraded belt/shoulder straps and figure it will carry 100+ lbs if I ever need it to. If it was possible to order an upgraded lumbar pad I would probably do it but Iím satisfied that I now know all the options. Having seen how small the KU5200 compresses down and how well my G1 Late Season compresses I feel confident that the KU3700 will compress down to be a really good day pack. It would be interesting to see pictures of the KU2200 and KU3700 compressed down. Iím guessing they would be close to the same size given they are both the same height and the pack material is so lightweight.

For me the KU3700 may be the ďone packĒ. Iíll have time this summer to test out that theory and if I find I need a bigger pack for those extended backpacking trips for big game then Iíll have time to consider a KU5200.

All the best in making your decision,


01-20-2011, 05:36 PM
Any thoughts on a 5200 suspension on a 2200 pack?

I agree more pictures of these new packs compressed, fully loaded, etc. on people would be good. Patrick puts the 3700 on multiple times in the videos which is really helpful. Maybe he'll do some where he tries on each pack for reference.

Right now I'm foreseeing a 2200 and a 3700 both with upgraded suspensions, plus pockets, and a koala.

01-22-2011, 08:19 PM
For me the KU3700 may be the ďone packĒ. Iíll have time this summer to test out that theory and if I find I need a bigger pack for those extended backpacking trips for big game then Iíll have time to consider a KU5200.

That's pretty much what I've decided also. The KU pods are so light you can afford to carry a couple for your gear if you fill your tag. That 3700 with an E&E docked on the back closely approximates the ULA Catalyst pack with it's large mesh front pocket. That pack is the easiest pack to live out of I've ever used. I'm thinking a small pod with a mod or two might just make a nice food bag for hanging PCT style. So, on longer trips, or trips in colder temps, your food could ride on top of the 3700, since you'd never need to dig into the pack during the day with the E&E.

01-25-2011, 04:52 PM
Any thoughts on a 5200 suspension on a 2200 pack?

01-26-2011, 02:48 PM
Any thoughts on a 5200 suspension on a 2200 pack?


My 2 cents worth is that upgrading the KU2200 to the KU5200 waist belt and shoulder straps should work fine. Iím assuming you want the most carry capability without making the pack unwieldy. Iím basing my opinion on the following:

1. I have or have had a number of packs with different designs of shoulder straps and waist belts. Iíve had large packs with smallish shoulder straps/waist belts and small packs with large shoulder straps/waist belts. One of the more comfortable small hunting packs I have is 1500 ci with a wide, padded waist belt (similar in size and style to a Kifaru Late Season). Also I have a Mystery Ranch Nice frame that has thick shoulder pads/waist belt. The Nice frame supports packs from 1900 ci (Crew Cab) and 2200 ci (Longbow) up to 7500 ci (Nice 7500). The Nice Longbow is a good example of a small pack with a large pack suspension.

2. In looking at the pictures I donít see a significant difference in size between the KU2200 shoulder straps/waist belt and those of the KU5200. There is a difference but not huge. Of course the pictures are not the most accurate way to compare sizes.

3. The Kifaru shoulder straps/waist belts tend to be less bulky than those from other manufacturers. For example in comparing a Gregory pack of about the same cubic inches and weight carrying capability the Kifaru shoulder straps are thinner and about the same width as the Gregory while the Kifaru waist belt is significantly thinner and wider than the waist belt on the Gregory. Iíve found that I prefer the Kifaru style shoulder straps and waist belt.

I hope this helps.


01-31-2011, 01:14 PM
Hi Dave,

This does help. After thinking on it more and considering your comment that the 3700 and 2200 are the same height; and given the lightweight material, a 3700 should compress very easily to be in the same size range as a 2200, I think my plan is to make the 3700 my one pack (for now, gearaholic here too). Now I am trying to figure out how I will "accessorize" it. Right now I'm thinking 2 longs, 2 belt pouches, maybe a pod (especially when game is downed), and heavily considering the Koala, but also wondering if I can get by without it and just grab some extra "pull-outs" for organization. I used the Eberlestock chest bag that is similar to the Koala, and I thought it was pretty cool, but I ultimately returned it because I thought it was too heavy. Koala doesn't have this problem, and offers more features. You do have to draw your bow a little more carefully when wearing a chest pack. The omni/lumbar belt coupled with the Koala could make a very versatile and modular system along with a pack based on ones needs/ventures.

01-31-2011, 05:24 PM

I ordered a 3700 with the the upgraded shoulder straps/belt and the following accessories:

Grab It Ė to pack my bow when not actually hunting (such as hiking out in the dark or with pack full of meat) and carrying extra stuff when needed.

E&E Ė got this idea from Take-a-Knee. It adds an extra 1000 ci and provides a zippered compartment that can be accessed without having to open the pack.

Two medium pods Ė one pod is for carrying my sleeping system and the other pod is for carrying the contents of the pack when I load it up with meat.

Belt pouch

Large possibles pouch

Water bottle pouch Ė I usually use a hydration bladder when hunting but I sometimes use a water bottle with built-in filter when hiking and backpacking (easy to fill and drink without having to take off my pack).

Gun bearer

I plan to use the pack for bow hunting, rifle hunting and backpacking. I doubt I will use all the accessories at the same time but it gives me a lot of options depending on the trip. I thought about the long pockets and may still get some but for now I think the E&E will cover most of my needs. Now I have to try to be patient until April 21 (the expected ship date).

Iím considering a Koala as well and I had the same questions you had about the missing accessories. I think I'll have to wait a while on the Koala.


01-31-2011, 09:37 PM
That all sounds good Dave. You will like the grab it. Mine works good on my zxr for holding my bow. I realized this past season that the grab it was enough and extra lashing at the top was not necessary. Makes for easier on/off.

I think my goal is to have food and cookware in the long pockets. Sleeping bag, tent, and small amount of clothes and a pull out that contains all of my game cleaning tools/accessories within the main bag. All survival gear in the Koala. Grab it for the bow and gun bearer for the rifle. Calls and snacks in the belt pockets. Rain jacket under bungee. Nalgene in the bottle pocket. I use the nalgene on the hike in to save weight over 100 oz bladder. Then fill the bladder that has inline filter for hunting. I also hang this bladder in camp to gravity filter water into the nalgene for camp. A pod for hauling camp and meat seems like a good idea.

With the above set up I'm not really sure ill fill the main 3700 bag, thus my interest in/dilemma with the 2200.