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02-16-2003, 07:54 AM

I have hunted Elk in Co for the last 13 years and have done the ML the archery and the rifle as well handgun. I hunt the Gunnison area. We dop self supported hunts and always have. I can assure you that what ever time you choose you will be just fine if your going to hike in go for a wilderness area and get back in. You will not see that if anyone back in htose area's. I have hunted ML and saw only the guys I hunted with and some folks at the trail head.

You betcha you better be in shape and you better get out months in advance and work the hills of WI and hunt bisrds and do it every night. If your better shape you will acclimate to the altitude better. That time of the year follow the weather reports in the area you willhunt watch to see how much moisture they are getting and how hot it is. Hunt using this informaiotn like if it is hot and low rain hunt thwe water sources in the dark timber. Hunt the north slopes and shelves with tons of dark THICK timber move very slow ro just sit on wallow that shows activity.

I also recommend carrying a handgun for bear protection. The bears out there do not get hunted like they do here in WI and they are not affraid of much and the're allot of them. Store your food properly and away from your tent.

We are going ou t gain this year and campi9ng near Beaver Creek and then i am going to take my 8 man and a pack and hike up tot Fossil Ridge for few days. Feel free to email me and I would be happy tot talk to you about CO Elk hunting. I have taken 9 ELk so far in my short life. So I am one of those "lucky" guys. All gun or ML no bow kills yet but I did have a nice bull within 30 yards but to far for me and my Long Bow. Exciting though and lots of fun.

02-16-2003, 03:18 PM
Thanks for the reply. Know what you mean about being in shape for elk country - nothing even close to it in Wi. Getting so I start exercising in Feb. and still not where I want to be by the time Sept. is here. But you just gotta do the best you can. Done a couple of archery hunts, never tried the long bow, figuring a compond is a big enough handicap - too many things have to be just right before you can trigger off a bow.

But I am concerned about the dryness in Co. All of my hunting has been where water is readily available. Do the elk become more nocturnal? What do they feed on when its dry? How noisy is it to stalk out there - are you walking on corn flakes?

02-16-2003, 07:45 PM
If its dry they do not really become nocturnal you have get between the elk and the north slope dark timber (bedding areas) before first light. A GPS really helps with this navigating in the dark.

If you hunt wilderness areas like the one west of Gunnison by Carbon Mtn the elk are moving about and get some pressure but really very little except for some die hard local hunters.

The 3 times I hunted September it was hot and dry. Water filters and a pan to boil the beaver fever out is a nessecity. Other wise bring plenty of water. The samll creeks and streams are abundant in most areas in CO.

In amongst the dark timber and meadows is grass it may be close to water sources if it is hot and dry. But you can find them about anywhere. The talk about the elk not repsonding to calls is right on the only call i have and use on occasion is cow call. I use it to stop a bull to get good shot or to calm down a lead cow if she has made me. But I have had some success and some real miserable failures with the cow call. Stopped a bull one time called him back 4 times and i was caught dead to right but he was curious enough to keep looking for that cow. Yeah the one that was 30 yards away just out of range. But it was very exciting and it was one of those times that cow call worked well. I just have to find a way to make myself look more like cow. :>)

I stalk hard and move hard till I get into the elk you will know when your there if you can read sign it is little tougher with dry conditions but if you can track deer you will know what I mean. Then once I get close I set a strategy, I use the wind, by all means use the wind.

Start your conditioning by walking and things like snoeshowing, biking is an excellant way to build cardiovasculer. I do about 4500 miles or more per year on my Recumbent High racer and I also use my Mountian bike. I even have taken my GT MTB bike out west hunting and really enjoyed the rides.

I highly recommmend a walking stick out west as the stress on the knees from going down the mountain is much less when you use the stick and you can be so much quieter with a stick as you can place your foot so soft by supporting some of your weight on the stick.

Best advice I can offer hunt ELK like you hunt whitetail deer and you will be succesful in seeing anumals and getting opportunity.

02-18-2003, 11:40 AM
Mike M....
Have you chosen a location to hunt Elk in Colorado yet? I was reading your other post and if you need suggestions I have a couple areas you could try. It sound like you want to car camp and hunt from there. Any way let me know.

02-18-2003, 06:55 PM
Thanks again for all the info. Mind if I ask what color of camo do you prefer for archry? Rocket, you mentioned email in a previous post, so I sent a message to your profile.

Thanks for the offer Mark. First choice is to truck camp. But if need be got the gear to stay back a couple of miles. Or, if it will save going up and down the same knee breaking ridge every day.

02-19-2003, 05:11 AM
Mike email me @ mrocole@ez-net.com