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01-05-2011, 11:01 AM
I've seen the external pictures of the KU 5200, but I don't see any text or photos that describe the interior configuration. I have an EMR and it has a zippered compartment in the top flap, an interior, separate area on the side that faces your back for holding a water bladder, a separate zippered compartment on the opposite side of the main compartment, and a detachable shelf that divides the lower from the upper portions of the main bag. Does the 5200 have any such internal subdivisions, or is it simply one big bag?

Another, admittedly subjective, question has to do with the current design of the 5200. Since there's a 12 week production lead time, and I infer you haven't yet actually delivered any packs to the public, do you imagine that the current design configuration is maturely evolved to the point that the way the pack is now is how it will still be in six months or a year, after you've started receiving Customer feedback? I guess what I'm really asking is whether it might be prudent to wait until the summer to order, in case there are some modifications to the system based on feedback from your initial end-users? Thanks for any info or comments.

01-05-2011, 01:16 PM
Hello Piolet,

The interior layout comprises a big water bladder (or whatever) compartment--same as your EMR. It's brown, not white like the rest of the interior...I figured being able to see clearly this big compartment is a good thing, so you don't accidentally stuff things into it instead of the main pack bag. This compartment has a drawstring closure. There is also a standard Chamber pouch near the top of the part of the pack that rides against your back. You have one just like it in your EMR. Of course these elements are built of our ultralight fabric in the KU's.

I will not be changing anything on the KU's. They are fully mature as to design. The very long development ensures that. They are exceedingly adaptable, modular, multifunctional -- all the characterizations folks use to term our packs, and in a truly ultralight package. As light as I can make them and still retain complete Kifaru function. If I start adding this and that doo-dad they'll get heavier. Everything needed is either on the pack or fetchable thru KU accessories.

Thanks for asking this insightful question, sir. I trust my response clears the air.

01-05-2011, 06:00 PM
Thanks Patrick,
Your answers are clear and they clear up my questions. The dilemma I'm now left with is whether I should stick with my EMR (and all the pockets/PODS/etc, I've accumulated), or take the plunge on a KU (and associated pockets/PODS) in order to save myself some weight. I must admit it's tempting, but, on the other hand, the pack has been the least of my weight problem, since I tend to opt for "prepared," instead of "traveling light." I'll have to keep thinking about it. Thanks again.

01-05-2011, 07:53 PM
Understood on your dilemma. I suspect you're not alone in your pondering.