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David in OR
12-30-2010, 02:47 PM
While not as good as a "Best Handgun for Great White Shark Defense" thread, a thread on what we carry every day I haven't seen for a while.

My kit has seen a few changes this year. I added two rolls of Kerlix, vacuum-sealed, and a half-roll of cloth tape. Vacuum-sealing it makes two rolls fit into a rear slot pocket of a Koala, and you can snip the corners of the vacuum bag to enable easy one-handed (plus teeth) access.

I went from a Surefire 6P to a Fenix light and started running rechargeable NiMH batt's in everything. I'd hate to try and use the Fenix in conjunction with a handgun, but it's a nice little utility light.

All this fits into the Koala with room to spare. It does not include handgun, reload, phone, wallet, folder, and keys, which are on my person. And, over the holidays this year, my daughter's refugee German Shepherd Dog, which is also of necessity attached to my person while outside the house.

Fenix LD20
Batt's: 1 change for above 2
Waterproof matches
Fire steel
Dryer lint
Two Esbit tabs
550 cord, 50' in two lengths
Duct tape on a pencil stub
Rite in the Rain notebook & pen
Water purification tabs
Gu (double espresso, the only kind that matters, 2)
Energy bar
Reading glasses
$100 in fives
Leatherman Wave
Fixed blade (4" scandi)
Diamond plate sharpener
FAK (snivel kit + a few leftover Rx painkillers w/copy of Rx)
Kerlix, 2 rolls
cloth first aid tape
(small items are in a Nalgene)

Post up, guys. Bring your kit, or ridicule mine. :) I am not afraid.

12-30-2010, 08:50 PM
...you can snip the corners of the vacuum bag to enable easy one-handed (plus teeth) access.

I have cut around the edges of most of my vacuum sealed items with a pair of zig-zag scissors similar to these to help "hand-and-tooth" opening:

Water purification tabs
(small items are in a Nalgene)

You may want to include something to boil water with. A metal container is also good for melting snow and ice to use for drinking.

In colder weather the chemical purification process is slowed down. I think you could build a fire and purify water by boiling faster than you could with water purification tabs.

In my GHB, I have a Nalgene nested inside a tin can:

4812 (http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee212/adchesney/PA111507.jpg)

Dave Canterbury recently posted a video about collecting and boiling water:


Something to flavor the water you purify might go along well with the Gu and Energy Bar. A couple of tea bags or a few packets of Propel Drink Mix do not weight much and take up very little space.

What about a small square of closed cell foam pad to sit on? Conductive heat loss through your buttocks can still rob you of energy, even when you are sitting in front of a fire / reflector. Then again, you may be able to sit on your empty Koala for some insulation.

12-31-2010, 12:53 AM
I usually carry:
For EDC for when I go into the woods or away from home/town:

A modified Doug Ritter/AMK survival kit (excellent "start" for building one's own kit BTW). Still a "work in progress".
Adventure Medical Kits "Pocket Medical Kit" (this will be my focus for improvement soon)
Sypderco "Military" folder (always in my front right pocket, always)
Petzl Tikka head lamp
Surefire E2E
Survival blanket and bandana

I'm just starting to really think about improvements that I can make to this kit, i.e. items for water collection/purification, carrying the kit, etc.

I'll definitely be adding to this post as I refine my kit.

Happy New Year!

David in OR
12-31-2010, 06:58 PM
Andy, that's a clever idea with the scissors. Re the other stuff, I've got an old pack that lives in the truck containing shelter, extra clothes, and food for three days (Esbit stove for heating water). Gallon jug of water to get me started.

BuckarooMedic, what I need most is first aid training. Been saying that for too long without doing anything about it besides reading.

01-03-2011, 12:15 AM

You should find, and take, either a wilderness first aid or wilderness first responders course. I'm sure there are a few in your neck of the woods. I took a wilderness EMT course in 2009 and learned a lot. Out west, NOLS/Wilderness Medical Institute offers a lot of classes in various locations.

Take care,

David in OR
01-03-2011, 09:09 AM
Yes, I should. Looking at their schedule, I see courses in the spring in Bend. My son just moved down there so I should head down and spend a few evenings with him. Thanks for the encouragement.