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Nevada Dan
01-25-2003, 03:57 PM

Having just returned from a couple of afternoons at the Reno FNAWS Convention, I though some of you might like a report. Patrick was there, with a complete line up of his tents, stoves, packs, and military gear; plus hats, gloves and the like. His "Point Man" (military) Pack fit, and felt, great. While visiting with Patrick, J.F., one of the posters here, stopped by with the 20 oz action mentioned in an earlier post.. He's the person shooting the .338-08 ( if my memory is working). With his arrival, talk quickly changed to rifles, cartridges and of course, hunting.

Another poster, Paul from western Montana, was working, as a FNAWS volunteer, at the Montana Fish, Parks and Wildlife booth (Hope I'm close on the title, Paul). He's the poster with the Kifaru 358 Winchester as well as a 7-08. After several minutes of introductory talk, things really got interesting, (actually exciting) when he pulled out his photo album, with photos of his 9" mountain goat (9 3/4" horns that is), multiple sheep, caribou, pack trains, etc., all in rugged scenery.... His booth got busy just as we started to talk rifles, gear and his trips. I should have circled back later. He certainly has some adventures to share. Paul mentioned posting some of the pic's for everyone to enjoy, when he finds a scanner.

It would have been nice to meet "Tim of Nevada", however our paths didn't cross. It really made the convention enjoyable to meet several of the people from this forum.

Seminars seemed to be in short supply this year, but I did find two of interest.

I'm sure others will be adding their comments from the convention as they arrive home.

Hope everyone had a good time- Dan

Tim in Nevada
01-26-2003, 10:56 AM
Hello Nevada Dan. We just missed you. Had a great talk with Patrick and decided on the Spikecamp for a daypack. Will you be at the SCI? I heard an ad on the radio that said you can get a membership and a day pass for thirty bucks. I think they're normally $150. Talk to you soon. Tim.

01-27-2003, 07:15 AM
Nevada Dan- You lucky dog...I will keep my fingers crossed for an East coast visit some time soon...

Nevada Dan
01-27-2003, 11:10 PM
Tim, Thanks for the information, I'll see what I can find out. For $30 it would be a great deal. I'll have to check my schedules. I hadn't planned on attending because of the single day $150 price tag. Several years ago, I went with the idea of getting a day pass. That ended when the lady at the ticket counter told me it was $75 for a membership, then another $75 per day for tickets.

Ken, Thanks, I guess that's one of the small advantages of living in a windy, dusty, desert city.


01-29-2003, 09:14 AM
I had a lot of fun at FNAWS this year! Caught up with Patrick and talked about his book idea and future hunts. Dan, it was a pleasure meeting you. Wish we could have visited longer. Tim, sorry we didn't cross paths, maybe next year. I will try and use my limited tech skills to get some pictures posted in the near future.


Nevada Dan
01-29-2003, 05:07 PM
Tim and Paul,

Tim, Good news. The local newspaper had an SCI article in it today. In efforts to increase membership, Sturday they will off a free day pass with the purchase of a thirty dollar membership. I'll be there, I'm not sure if it will be morning or afternoon. The website lists quiet a few siminars too. Thanks for the heads up. I've been married for 20 years (well, 22?) but this excites me /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif !

Paul, After you get your pictures scanned, If you run into trouble any trouble, or just don't want to bother with a storage site, (ImageStation.com is free). I'd be glad to post them for you (dparks3651@aol.com). 45 to 70 kb's work best for posting. If they are larger, I can resize them. You had some great pictures that, I think, the guys here would enjoy. I do agree with you, we should have visited longer.


02-08-2003, 09:36 AM
Hello all--

I'll piggyback onto Nevada Dan's Report, adding SCI Convention to it as I'm back in Golden after having attended both those Conventions back-to-back. Actually, I've been back several days but have been digging out from the inevitable pile that accrues from being away so long. It's a cold Saturday norning, I have a cup of Joe in hand, the wife and pup are still abed, things at the Shop are at least "stabilized", so perhaps I can languish a bit with y'all here on the old (new) Board.

I did indeed get to hang out with Dan, Tim in Nevada (as well as his wife Jamie), Paul, JF and ,well, if I've missed anybody else it's because I haven't had a second cup of coffee yet this morning--still on #1. I am amazed that the two Nevada guys--Nevada Dan and Tim in Nevada--have not collided yet at one of these Conventions. Y'all would enjoy each other's company. I'll second Dan's report on Paul's photo album; the man has extensive hunting experience and the presence of mind to take very good photos of his adventures. Paul and I are cooking up an aoudad (Paul, did I spell that correctly?) hunt next Feb. in New Mexico. Yes, February. And yes, much of the appeal to the hunt is that we get to go hunting long after the regular seasons have gone bye-bye. Put it down as a "fix", if you know what I mean. The sought-after critter is also known as a Barbary sheep, and is a worthy quarry residing in gnarly country. Ours will be a public land hunt, by the way. Backpack venture of course.

Dave, Ken, et al Easterners: I discovered from fellow exhibiters in Reno that the Harrisburg Show y'all talk about runs something like 10 days (!!). Yikes! That's a pretty large bite of time out of production for us, as our Show Staff are the same folks who build the gear we ship daily. So. Is there another Show of more reasonable duration you can recommend out East? Speaking of other Shows, some attendees at the Reno gigs from up North told us we should exhibit at a largish Show up in Anchorage. Frankly, it never occured to me that AK had enough people to make any gathering "big". When in that great state I seldom spend any time at all in the towns, but I reckon Anchorage, and maybe Fairbanks, have grown to be sizable burgs now. Oz, Vern, R&R, Tyde--what can you say about this venue, if anything? My staff REALLY wants to do this one, I might add, none of them having been to your fair state...yet. I keep telling them about the bugs, the muskeg, to no avail. They persist, the varmints.

Enough of this Show business, except to say that a highlight of them is running into some of you correspondents on the Board here. It is truly a treat to link faces with cyber digits (can't say ink anymore, eh) and just talk--face to face--about wolves, war, things philosophical and so on and so on. Hoist a beer too. Ah, it was grand, guys. Would that we could do it in a Tipi sometime, instead of a Convention floor. Oh, I almost forgot. The last evening of the SCI Convention we bumped into Tim in Nevada, his wife Jamie, and brother Dave, and an artist named Doug Eck (his medium is bronze) at the buffet in our hotel. And so we retired to my room with a nice bottle of bourbon and proceeded to have us a genuine jam session. Solved all the world's problems, told sheep hunting stories, and just had us a fine old time. Closest thing yet to a tipi session, eh guys? Hell, maybe next year I should pitch one out in back of the hotel for a "real" Part II Session. Cop some firewood from the endless construction projects going on around Reno. Reckon the fuzz would notice a little woodsmoke? And care? Oops! Dan is a fire captain out there; we're busted now for sure.

Well, as I said above, things are "stabilized" at the Shop. But they won't stay that way unless I get my rear down there and cut some Military Packs out. I confess that Division is a challenge, what with racing to get packs to our guys going to war. We do it with the hunting packs too, of course, trying to get a late-ordered LongHunter to a man who must appear at some sheep mountain up AK way on August 10. But there's added urgency with these packs. If any of you men reading this are headin' out for a run-in with ol' Saddam just know that the rest of us will be keeping you in our prayers. And rooting for you to erase the bastard, which I have great confidence in being the outcome. Shoot straight!

Gotta go chop up some Cordura! Repel all disreputable boarders, men!


Dave R.
02-08-2003, 10:02 AM
Hi Patrick

Great Report! I'll be going to the Harrisburg affair this thursday with my Father. There are many other shows back here that run at various times , but they are smaller regional shows 2-3 days in duration. I'll see if I can gather any web links to send to you and your crew.

Good luck with your Saddam Busting packs!

Let's roll!!!!