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12-17-2010, 03:05 PM
What UL bottles (read GATORADE) will the KU bottle pouches accept? The UL standard is the 32oz screw-top gatorade bottle. An alternative I'm certain would work is the 24oz twist top gatorade bottle.

What would be the maximum "pocket load" on a small KU waistbelt? By that I mean what is the largest number of pockets that will fit without being cumbersome. With a Gunbearer on the dominant side, a possibles pouch would fit on the opposite hip. How much room will be left on each side of the waistbelt? Room enough for a belt pouch on each side?

12-17-2010, 04:31 PM
Hi TAK, these are big pockets. I can't recall how far back I invented the things, but for sure they've been in the Kifaru Hunting pack line since 1997. BIG. (We're talking about the Possibles Pouches first here). One to a side is all the belt will hold. If one side contains a GunBearer that side will not also hold either a Possible Pouch or a Belt Pouch.

Bottle Pouch will indeed hold a QUART Gatoraid bottle--I've used 'em myself for many years! So will either Possibles pouch, btw. Re the Possibles Pouches I am never, ever, without my Large size on the left hip. In it: phone, GPS, small binocs, range finder, water bottle, skinning knife, gloves, hat, on and on....you get the idea by now. I don't like taking my pack off.

12-17-2010, 05:20 PM
Thanks Patrick. That sorts out the pocket issues for my order. Now I just need to figure out whether the KU 3700 will be large enough for my needs. My current hiking pack is a ULA Catalyst (soon for sale). At 4600ci, this is my year-round hiking pack and it is the easiest pack to live out of I've ever used. Everything I need after I pack up in the morning goes into the mesh back pocket. The KU 3700 with the KU E&E duplicates this set up, and improves on it with a Stash-it.

For a DIY western hunt, probably 1st or 2nd season (muzzleloader/archery), I'm certain all my kit will fit in the 3700/E&E. With the addition of a MED pod, I'm thinking I could carry my kit and probably all the boned meat I could handle. The 5200 is tempting at only a few ounces/dollars more but I'm thinking the 3700 with pockets/pods will be more versatile. I'm 5'8/170#.

Which ever KU pack I get will replace three current packs I own, A G1 ZXR, the ULA Catalyst, and a Gregory Makalu Pro. All will soon be for sale. A KU, a G2 Zulu, and my old Express just about covers all the bases.