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Steven B
12-13-2003, 02:07 PM

I have two para-tipis and stoves for sale.

One set up I bought in 2000 for a sheep hunt I drew in Oregon the other I bought on Ebay. It was built in summer of 2003.

The tents are identical (yellow) but they have different models of stoves. The 2003 tent has a lightweight stove with the SS foil stove pipe.
The 2000 one I bought for a sheep hunt
has the small stove for that time. It has a total weight with stove of 8.5 lbs

I bought the newer one on Ebay. Here is the link showing the final bid.

Both of the tents are yellow. They have had little use and have no odors of mold or cooking. (Unless you were a dog then you could probably still tell that Patrick handled the tent.)


Both tents are in great condition and complete with stakes and poles etc. I'm just finding my hunting style and area doesn't require long packins. heck I was packing out my buck when I jumped another one where my car was parked.

(Western Oregon)

Thought I'd post the sale of tese tents here before listing them on Ebay. Any offers?

Please post here if you are interested and then email me at stevenberglund@yahoo.com

Steven B
12-13-2003, 02:27 PM
I didn't mention the prices I'm asking.

$440 plus $20 for shipping on the set with the heavier stove system that I bought in 2000.

For the 2003 one I'd like $480.00 plus $20 for shipping. I've set it up but never used it.

Both tents have been sealed.

Calls taken at 503.419.6263 emails stevenberglund@yahoo.com

Steven B
12-13-2003, 06:01 PM
Sold the 2003 Tent & Stove.

Hmmm maybe I should've put it on Ebay.