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01-13-2003, 10:57 AM
Ok, I'll try to generate a topic for our edification!

I have a Stainless Steel M70 in 300 WSM... it's a great little rifle (I cut my bbl. back to 22" / 180's at 2,900 fps) Still, I've always felt that if you need more than a 30-06 you probably need to go up in bore size, not increase velocity! Since I already have a nice SS FWT M70 30-06, I'm thinking of re-barreling the WSM to 350 RM.


a). The follower, rails and bolt face are ready to go.

b). The M70/WSM has a 3.0" magazine and will allow the barrel to be long-throated increasing usable case capacity... 2,600 fps (+) should be readily attainable with 250's in a 22" bbl.

c). Since Remington is once again chambering the 350 RM brass will be plentiful (for a couple years anyway... we all know how fickle Remington is!).

d). It's a nice "mate" to an 06 or 308 Win.

e). It's a 35... that means a big hole for bustin elk!

Whatdya think?


01-13-2003, 11:38 AM

Dang good topic; I'm edified.

You're right, the best move "beyond" a 30-06 is bigger diameter projectiles. You'll love 350 RM. Are you SURE these cartridges will feed thru that 300WSM system? Did you check with Big Green?

You'll want to handload. Last I heard Remington dropped the 225gr. Trophy Bonded factory ammo and are offering only 200gr. Cor-lockts.


01-13-2003, 12:06 PM
Hi Patrick.

Yep, I ran dummy 350 RM's through the WSM M70... they feed like a champ! Though the bolt face of the WSM is .003" larger than a standard magnum bolt face the several *qualified* gunsmith's I've talked to said that's no problem.

I'm not particularly sold on the WSM concept in the sub 30's... if I'm going to carry around a 24" bbl., I'd sooner have a 1/2" longer action and have it chambered for the 7mm RM etc., as those rounds are plainly faster than the WSM in equivelant bore size. The 300 WSM, however, works very well in a 22" bbl. as its case capacity/bore volume corresponds exactly to the 280 Rem (which obviously works well in a 22" bbl). Still, this is all supposed to be fun and games so who cares?!?

Regardless, way I see it the WSM case is dandy for the 308, 338, 358, 375, 416 and 458 with 22" (or less) bbl's.

BTW, a friend at USRAC built a 450 Marlin of a WSM M70... cool!


01-13-2003, 12:11 PM
Regarding handloading, I do so that's no issue... otherwise, with what Rem is offering in factory rounds, I'd skip right over this project and stick with the 338 WM! I'm a bit surprised at the ridiculous bullet selection Rem ended up with... I guess most are so brainwashed in favor of velocity they had to play it safe...


01-13-2003, 09:44 PM
Brad: If you want a 35 caliber rifle, why not just send the barrel and action to Cliff LaBounty and have him rebore your barrel to 358? Keep the WSM cartridge and just neck it up to 35 caliber. I bet it would have more case capacity then the 350 Rem Mag (you use all that empty space in front of the .532 belt on the 350 Rem Mag with powder capacity on the WSM case). Winchester won't do this without changing the case a little to preclude some idiot from trying to fire a 35 WSM in a 300 WSM rifle and than suing USRA for his stupidity. Besides, 35 caliber rifles don't sell in the US (seen any .356 Win or 35 Whelen factory rifles lately?). You could even load some reduced loads with pistol bullets for small game. With interchangeable piloted reamers (300 WSM reamer with a .358 caliber pilot) LaBounty's tooling costs would be negligeable.

01-13-2003, 10:10 PM
Hi Bob. Good thoughts, however I don't do wildcat's, pure and simple. The 338-06 was the closest I ever got to a cat... I say "closest" because by the time I had mine made A-Square had already made it a SAAMI round. Also, if I want added recoil, etc., I'll just stick with my long time favorite the 338 WM. It'll do anything the 35 WSM would do and has a wider variety of bullets available for it... I'm just not one of those that thinks there's some magic in .020" more bullet diameter! Also, I'd bet a stale cracker Olin will never make a 35 WSM! WSM feeding is also a bit more "critical" because of their short, fat, sharp-shouldered profile... good old skinny, long, belted mags feed better in my experience. Regardless, Cliff LaBounty won't rebore stainless USRAC factory tubes as the steel hardness varies to much! Most factory tubes are crap and it's difficult to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear... I'd rather spend a few extra dollars and have a quality barrel properly installed... just my preference of course!

Best Regards,


Tim in Nevada
01-13-2003, 11:01 PM
Brad, why not buy a custom barrel and step up to the .375? either a wildcat based on the WSM case, or even a .375 RUM? Heck, a .300RUM necked-up to .375 would even be better. What are some of the pro's and con's? Tim.

01-13-2003, 11:34 PM
Tim, I've had two 375 H&H's. Great round, but a bit out of place on the elk hill in my mind. 375 RUM? No Way... if I want more than a 375 H&H I'll go up to the 416 RM or 458 Lott... detatched retina's are not my thing. 375 WSM? Nope, for all the reasons for not building a 350 WSM (see above /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif ). For the type of hunting I'd use this rifle for (elk/bear) I like the smaller medium's. Though we have grizzly here in MT I believe they're readily stopped with a good medium (I DO dislike finding fresh grizz tracks where I hunt!). This rifle would be 8lbs "all-up" scope, sling, three rounds. My 22" bbl'd 338 WM fits those parameter's too.