View Full Version : Best sleeping pad/mattress?

01-11-2003, 08:59 AM
I must be getting soft. As a teenager, I could sleep on the ground with just a blanket. Now, I find that just a Z rest pad ain't cutting it.

I found that using a Coleman air matress(I suppose I will be lampooned over this) with the Z rest and then my bag is OK. That was for the summer.

Now, in winter I am wondering if I wrap a wool blanket around the matress and Z rest will that insulate me from the ground? We do not have a lot of deep snow. It is around a foot and I was advised to just clear it out to bare ground and set up. Like I said, I must be getting soft.

01-11-2003, 11:04 AM

Well, there are two of us "softies" at least. It's definitely an age issue. Perhaps you can find relief using my pad "system". It is three "parts" consisting of: 1)Thermarest Ultralight; 2)3/8" thick BluFoam closed cell foam pad; and 3)1/4" thick Ethafoam closed cell foam pad cut to the same width as the BluFoam pad, above. I purchased the BluFoam pad at REI years ago. The Ethafoam pad is an incremental increase of just about a year ago (dang it, you just have to stay ahead of the old age thing, you know!). I used items 1 and 2 alone for a loooong time.

Anyway, all three elements are very comfy and warm when piled up, with the Thermarest on top. For transport I roll them all up with the Thermarest innermost and the BluFoam outermost. Very light, and still compact if I use the old knees to compress everything as I SLOWLY roll the package up, then cinch with a nylon web strap so it stays together. I think you can get some Ethafoam at a local "packaging" store. Featherweight stuff and dirt cheap.

BTW, some snow beneath you is warmer than bare winter earth. Lastly, an air mattress is NOT warm at all for winter use. Too much conductivity. Store that thing for lush summer camping.