View Full Version : Gerber Shard and Artifact Tools

11-01-2010, 05:01 AM
I like having a small prybar available. I don't use it that much but having it around allows you to resist the urge to use your knife as a pry, almost never a good idea, in my experience.

Along that line, two tools are worthy of mention: the Gerber Shard and Artifact tools, both essentially tiny prybars with additions.

The Shard is the smallest, simplest and, having no blade, is allowed on aircraft. The prongs of the nail puller are used as slotted screwdrivers, but need a bit of dressing with a file to fit the screwheads properly. There is also a cross-point screwdriver and a bottle opener.

The Artifact is essentially a slightly longer version of the Shard with a knife blade. The blade is a pointed hobby knife type (3 extra blades are included) that rotates out of the self-sheath into two positions. One design flaw - if there is a way to change the blades that doesn't require another thin blade, I haven't figured it out.

Either tool is small, light, inexpensive and useful - worthy of consideration.