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Recce Gear
07-13-2002, 07:39 PM

I had the priviledge of meeting Patrick, Mel, and Mel's wife today at the Del Mar gun show. Let me tell you, that the EMR is more than I expected. I had an opportunity to have the pack fitted by Patrick himself and it was quite an honor and experience. The frame is IMHO the Rolls Royce of internal frames. With all of the adjustments made, it fit like a glove and I couldnt feel any pressure on my shoulders. I wished I'd had used it on the 10 miler I did with my battalion on thursday with a 65 to 75 lb load using the molle 2. The modularity of this pack is awesome, the pocket configurations are endless. I also had a chance to talk about future projects with Mel and Patrick and let me tell you that there are a lot more suprises in store. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Pointman, check out the Spikecamp, which I got to try on as well, in the hunting packs for a sample. The Pointman will be based on this pack and should be available in late september early october. I just want to thank Patrick and Mel for the opportunity to speak with you and see what the EMR and Scout are all about. Good job guys, and keep up the good work.


07-16-2002, 07:06 PM

Thanks for stopping by at the Del Mar show. It was great to finally meet you in person. Patrick and myself enjoyed showing you all the gear, and we're glad to hear that you liked what you saw. We hope to develop the gear you guys need when called to go in harms way.

On a side note, you have a couple cute and well behaved (a rarity these days) kids. Great job!


07-17-2002, 11:07 AM
thanks for showing my dad and his friends the gear. They were impressed, especially with the adaptability. He wondered why I hadn't bought one, so I had to explain the time table. But, he was talking of getting one for my oldest. She's 9, so don't expect the order anytime soon. But, was thinking matching Pointmen for the wife and I. Maybe as a Mother's Day present??! That would go great with a radial arm saw for her. LOL

Can't wait to see how the Pointman comes out. And, I'll let you know how the quick releases do. Hopefully, I'll be testing it with a full load of sheep meat here in 20 days.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


07-19-2002, 12:27 PM

Your dad and his friends were cool. We had a good time with them. I'm glad to hear that they like what they saw. There has been an awesome amount of interest in the new Pointman. Work will begin on it soon. Good luck on your sheep hunt, and don't hurt yourself. I'm not worried about the pack!