View Full Version : For Sale: SPOT I Messanger Beacon

05-06-2010, 04:44 AM
For Sale: SPOT I Messanger Locator Beacon. Like new condition (no packaging), $65 inc/shipping within US. This is the original SPOT Beacon. (I see these for sale on Ebay for between $75 and about $135, so I think $65 with shipping is a great price.)

If you don't know about the SPOT system, you should first go to the SPOT website and learn about it (www.findmespot.com).

I bought this unit about a year or so ago, and have used it on backcountry trips since then. It's in like new condition and has never been dropped, drenched, or otherwise mistreated. It works well and does exactly what it claims to do, which is transmit your message and geo coords location reliably by satellite. The basic service allows you to send unlimited "I'm OK" messages along with geo coords to addressees of your choice, and to send "911" emergency messages, also with geo coords, that are relayed to the emergency responder organization that's local to the geo coords where you're at.

Why I'm selling: I'm a backpacker. SPOT has now come out with version SPOT II that is slightly smaller and lighter than the original SPOT and with the same functionality. I couldn't help myself! I've bought the SPOT II and transferred my service to the SPOT II unit. I simply don't need both units. You can see the size difference comparison on the SPOT website. Frankly, if you travel by ATV, boat, trailbike or so forth, the small size and weight difference is irrelevant, and both units work the same.

This unit is currently inactive because I transferred my service to the SPOT II. The purchaser would need to go onto the SPOT website and activate their own account to put the unit in service. The basic service runs about $100/yr, and there are additional features you can activate for additional fees, such as having it transmit your geo coords to Google Maps so you have a record of your track.

I'll be happy to answer questions, but the SPOT website explains things better than I probably can.