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12-04-2009, 12:08 PM
I saw Mel's thread about the Omni yoke and out of curiousity stumbled across the other platform frames


These things look like the ultimate Kifaru addict mix and match set up. It's just begging to be overloaded with packs, pockets and pods in a million different arrangements :) I guess my only reservation is it could turn into a giant version of molle packs and chest rigs where you are constantly fiddling with the set up instead of just using the something the way it comes and getting used to it.

Besides using it with an MMR bag I could use a marauder year round. In the winter when I need additional storage for bulky jackets or other gear you can attach pockets or pods and just piggy back the marauder on there.

poi dog
12-04-2009, 11:15 PM
Before the winter came, I'd use my MMR frame to haul my kids on hikes and would D&L a small pod and E&E for short day hikes. The MMR frame makes it SUPER comfortable and, like you said, with all the G2 upgrades makes setup unlimited to your imagination. I believe Mel posted a thread showcasing some ideas of the duplex frame setup. I recommend you give him a call as he is chock full of ideas. I have my ad in the trading post for medium pods for one of the ideas that Mel shared with me. I feel the duplex frame is a must for any Kifaru or outdoors fan. The combination of modularity and comfort makes it a must have item :cool::cool:

I just found the G2 duplex frame pics http://www.kifaruforums.net/showthread.php?t=18012

12-07-2009, 04:12 PM
Yes, I do, and have for about a year or so. I use my EMR hauler with my Scout, LPs and Pods in S, M, and L. IMHO, the "system of systems" works as advertised and as described by Mel.

In the Northern Rockies, we have 4 seasons(in fact, we're having one right now) with many different activities. These influences of mission and conditions create the need for a versitle set up, or set ups.

The combination of the military hauler, EMR in my case, and various packs, pockets and pods makes matching the load out for the anticipated conditions easier for me. And I prefer carrying some "extra _______(you fill in the blank)" to raise the reserve factor.

The EMR hauler carries a lot with a lot of comfort. The modularity of the packs, pods and pockets allows for some familarity with what is located where as I do not change the load in a pocket(or pods). Also, as Mel suggested, I use a large pod to handle my sleep system.

The extra ordinary capability of using various straps and anchors makes the choices for rigging extensive. Several extra strap sets makes for a robust selection of rigging possibilities.

Thanks to Mel for his imagination and practical ideas.

Best wishes in your adventures.


12-07-2009, 05:06 PM
I am about ready to pull the trigger on and EMR cargo frame as write this. I am adding a horzontal lash kit to the purchase though. I have been going back and forth about getting the bag but it really is throwing me over the budget with the couple of extras I want. I have now decided to just get the EMR Cargo Hauler and purchase an after market rain cover. I decided against the bag as I would probably use the hauler 80% of the time anyway. I am just going to get a couple more PODS. If I decide I really want the bag later I guess I can pick one up.

As a matter fact, my thoughts were just as above with the Scout and to use a Large POD for the Sleep System, and two med PODs and another Large one for extreme hiking loads. I will scale down from there.

I thought this set up would workout for some of the heavier loads


I will then either piggy back my scout or lash it in the upper half above the large pod. I also thought a grab-it wrapped around the above set up may be handy as well.

12-07-2009, 09:26 PM
Sir Revelation2012,

I load the Scout, with the LPs in place on the Scout(on the right and left sides of the Scout), on the top portion of the hauler. (The stand alone Scout is my standard day hiking rig, with plenty of "possibles" in the Scout and LPs[approx. 2,400 cubes] and, thus, the ability to stay overnight, should some need arise.)

Bringing the Scout/LP package along inplace of a standard bag(EMR) allows me the flexibility to operate out of a base camp with full day+ hiking kit, without packing a pack(Scout/LP) inside, or attached to, another pack(EMR).

I also use a small K pouch on the waist belt along with the necessary K "thunder stick" appliances(which also work as advertised, very well) on both the hauler and the Scout/LP waist belts.

I have placed my cooking, food, shelter and sleep systems below the Scout/LP package, all in various pods. I have found plenty of capacity(I am not a small person, ex.- large, wide, long sleeping bag) and more than ample choices for secure rigging using the K strap kits. The integration of the various systems(hauler, Scout/LP, Pods) have been efficient, and easy to adjust and modify as experience dictates.

If you would consider sharing, I'd appreciate learning about your decision regarding ordered configuration, and the results of your trials. I hope Aimless, and POI Dog share their ideas and experiences as well.

Thank you,


12-08-2009, 02:32 PM

Just ordered an EMR hauler and a couple more PODs. I will post some pics when I get it in about two months. :( :)

I'll try to come up with some orginal configurations. :)