View Full Version : Question on my Siwash

10-03-2009, 05:58 PM
This year I came out with 58 pounds after 5 nights in the backcountry hunting. Not sure how I screwed that up but I will make preweighing a priorty henceforth. K. Massaro turned me on to my Siwash at a Colorado Bowhunter Jam about 5 years ago when he heard at that time that I have some rather serious issues w/screws and plates connected to my spine
So of course I was looking for not a good pack but a great pack (found it, read title). Not sure if other Kifaru's are simialr but with my Siwash the lower portion of the pack is seperated from the upper w/material and 2 straps. With all the necessities I was carrying I observed at times some of the upper gear sneaking into the lower compartment. I think another strap would help in the center or even ones on the sides to compartmentalize and then easily break down when bringing out meat. Would Kifaru sew this for me next time I cruise through Denver? I could probably do it myself as I have sewn one other item on the pack to benefit my needs OR do you all think this is petty on my part? Any Idea's ??