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09-18-2009, 01:07 AM
My writing style will not have the eloquence of Bushcraft's reports but, here is my initial report for the Washington High Hunt.

9-13 Hiked into the meadow I planned to use for a base camp in the southern Glacier Peak Wilderness area. Three miles, 2000 ft. elevation gain, basecamp elevation - just under 6000'. Heard from some day hikers a gentleman was camped across the basin from where I was going to be, he had shot a bear in the early am and got heat exhaustion trying to get it out. They wondered if I was one of the "sherpas" that was coming in to help him pack it out. Set up my 6 man tipi and stove in the meadow. Didn't see the bear hunter. Got stung by a hornet/wasp on the way out. Ran into his two "sherpas" on my way back out. They had no map and only a general description of where to go. Spent a couple of minutes with them reviewing my map and offering my tent/camp to them if they couldn't get out by dark. They said they had to be back at work in the am and were planning to be out tonight. It was about 1900 when I left them. They still had over 3 miles to go. I hope they had headlamps.

9-14 Went back into camp with the rest of my gear. Pack weighed around 55 lbs. plus rifle. About right for my current level of fitness. Got to stop eating at that fine Scottish restaurant with the drive through - i.e. McDonalds. Had food and gear for five days. This was my first solo hunt where I would be gone longer than a day. I figured I would just see how it went. Got stung twice on the way in by wasps/hornets. Still not exactly sure where their nest is on the trail. Got to camp collected wood and filtered water and turned in. Got up to take a leak around 2045 and caught a couple of deer in the meadow with my headlamp. Unknown if they had horns. Maybe a good sign?

9-15 Opening day. Got up around 0530 luckily I woke up on my own. New cell phone clock/alarm didn't work without signal from cell tower when I tried to set it the night before - will be sending it back to Verizon. Went up the ridge and glassed with binos and spotting scope till around 1200. Nothing moving, unseasonable warm, guessing temps were in the mid 80's. Heard some sort of minor skirmish to the east of me. First five shots, an hour later three shots, and another hour later four shots. Went back to camp and napped until 1600. Went back and glassed some more. Saw three grouse and a mountain goat. Wind picked up and it became quite cool as sun went below the mountains. Dropped into the timber and still hunted till dark.

9-16 Awoke around 0600. Peeked out of the tent and saw a doe and a yearling. Probably the same deer from the 14th. While scouting the area before season I saw two sets of doe/yearlings across the basin. Maybe one set now likes the feed on this side better? Got hot fast this morning. Sun burned my face. Decided three days alone was enough for now. Packed out. Saw five trucks at the trailhead. Didn't see anyone else while I was hunting.

9-17 Rest Day. Planning a day hunt in another area of the Glacier Peak Area tomorrow and probably will pack into a spot in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness for the weekend.

Big W
09-18-2009, 02:43 PM
I thought i might post on this instead of creating a new thread of my High Buck report. I have been reading this forum for months but never had anything good to say i guess. But i thought some of you might appreciate my report because things never go how there planed.

First day of the high buck season (9-15) i was sick of archery elk hunting after missing a shot and countless opportunities so i decide to take a little trip in to where i would have my high buck camp set up the next week(Alpine lakes wilderness). Figured i would cut a little campfire wood up and see if there was some deer sign. It is a 5 mile off trail hike into my area that i access from an abandoned logging road. I debated weather i should bring the rifle and pack but decided that i might see a bear so i the longhunter went into daypack mode and i grabbed the montana rifle in 308.

I didn't leave to early and my mom wanted to see the area i hunt and is a hiker so she came along. I drive 1 hr to my parking spot and start walking down the old logging road toward a big clear cut. I had gotten a bear there years ago so i was on the look out. I then rounded a corner so that i could see into the big clear cut basin and spot a huge Black bear on the opposite side maybe 600 yards away. So I try to run and get close enough for a shot down the road where i could at least cut it down to a 400 yard shot. Then i hear a huge BOOOOOOM. I walk up over a little hill to see a guy with his rifle rested on a stump. I Come up to him and tell him i seen that bear and i asked him if he hit it but he said he didnt think so. I asked if he ranged it "No" he said and so i assumed he didn't have one so i ranged to the spot and it was 415 yards. Then he said "well thats only 250 yards" i didn't say any thing but i started to walk away disappointed missing the bear opportunity and he said he was heading up to the wilderness boundary the same way we were, so i started going a little faster to beat him up to the lake.

The long steep climb had begone off the longing road and soon i crossed the wilderness boundary. I figured that it was late in the day and with all the shooting going on, i just slipped the rifle into the gunbearer and headed for my camp not even looking for game. Huffing and puffing up the steep mountain side we had just passed the boundary when my mom yelled my name and told me to come back down the hill a bit. She pointed and there standing 130 yard across the mountain a black tail buck staring right at me. I take off my pack and set it up as a rest(Longhunter frame is a great rest). Because i was just going up the steep stuff i am breathing like i smoke 10 packs a day and my scope is shaking so much i cant focus on his rack. I cant tell if he is a shooter (3 point minimum) but he just stands there staring at me. I cant see his rack with trees behind and the way he is facing me so i just sit there catch my breath and wait for him to turn sideways. 2 minutes pass i catch my breath and i am starting to think he is a decoy but then he hears the other hunter coming up below us and turns his head. I see two forks on one side so the trigger gets pulled. BOOM. He drops like a sack of potato's.

So i get to him and its a nice 4X4(for a blacktail) not BIG but good enough for me. Proceeded to bone him out, load up the Longhunter for an easy 3 mile walk downhill out. Then i realize my tags filled and i dont get to go on my five day backpack hunt and probably haul one out 5 to 8 miles and some how this makes me disappointed. but i guess things never go how i plan them.

Sorry if i rambled on or if no one cares but i like to read other peoples story's so i decided to post mine. By the way i love my Longhunter i have used it for backpacking all summer and it has been great. It hauled out 80 pounds of meat and it felt just like it does with 40 pounds. It is a great daypack with top lid and a long pocket attached to the bottom of the frame and i forget its even on my back. If my house was burning, i would run in, leave the dog and grab my Longhunter.

09-18-2009, 03:19 PM
Nice buck bigw

Jim N
09-18-2009, 04:33 PM
Nice Blacktail! Ya done good.

09-18-2009, 07:39 PM
Great story Big, this is my favorite part:

Then i realize my tags filled and i dont get to go on my five day backpack hunt and probably haul one out 5 to 8 miles and some how this makes me disappointed. but i guess things never go how i plan them.

Things never go like I plan 'em either but no tags left is a good problem to have in my book.

I drive about six hours to my spot so if/when I tag out early, it's too long a drive to just pack up and go home so I go fishin.'

09-19-2009, 11:46 AM
Big W -- I very much enjoyed your story. It deserves it's own thread!

Christian -- Good stuff.

09-19-2009, 09:35 PM
2nd on Evan's comment. A great hunting story and good thing you brought mom along. Don't be afraid to start your own thread, there's an emerging story teller in you.

Scoutin' Wyo
09-20-2009, 08:18 AM
Nice work on the buck AND the story!

It's gotta be cool having mom there to share it with ya.

09-21-2009, 10:35 AM
Big W that was a good write up but does deserve to stand on its own. One should never pass up a buck like that.

Camo Kid
09-24-2009, 09:35 PM
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09-24-2009, 10:54 PM
Good hunt, and good story. May you give us many more years of this.