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09-09-2009, 12:59 PM
I've been invited to a muzzleloader camp in Utah next fall! I'm not sure of the ezact location yet.

I'm gonna go. I was born in Utah and everytime I return it's like I get this calmness about me. like I was meant to be there.. So to hunt mulies in Utah is a Dream come true.

Anyone hunt there? What are the restrictions for muzzleloaders. Any pics or stories?

09-09-2009, 06:23 PM
When I got off active duty in '85 , I settled in California and lasted almost 2 years before I'd had enuff of the fruits 'n nuts and my sanity mandated a move back to the mountain valleys of the intermountain west, so I hear ya bruther.. Traveled a lot with work after that, but always kept the family in Utah.

2009 Utah proclamation: "Muzzleloaders may be used during any big game hunt—except the archery hunt. To hunt big game with a muzzleloader, your muzzleloader must meet all of the following requirements:
It can be loaded only from the muzzle.•
It must have open sights, peep sights or a • fixed non-magnifying 1x scope.
It can have only one barrel, and the barrel • must be at least 18 inches long.
It cannot be capable of firing more than • once without being reloaded.
The powder and bullet—or powder, sabot • and bullet—cannot be bonded together as one unit for loading.
It must be loaded with black powder or a • black powder substitute. The black powder or black power substitute cannot contain nitrocellulose-based smokeless powder.
To hunt big game, you must use a lead or expanding bullet or projectile that’s at least 40 caliber in size.
If you’re hunting deer or pronghorn, your bullet—including your sabot—must be 170 grain or heavier in weight. If you’re hunting elk, moose, bison, bighorn sheep or Rocky Mountain goats, you must use a 210 grain or heavier bullet, or a sabot bullet that’s at least 240 grains.
If you obtain a muzzleloader permit, a muzzleloading rifle is the only firearm you may have in your possession during the muzzleloader hunt. In addition, you may not have any other firearm in your camp or motor vehicle during the muzzleloader hunt. The only exceptions to this rule are the following people:
• game or waterfowl (You must comply with the regulations in the Upland Game Guidebook or Waterfowl Guidebook, and you may possess only those firearms and archery equipment that are legal for taking upland game or waterfowl.)
Hunters who are licensed to hunt big game species during archery or rifle hunts that coincide with the muzzleloader hunt
Livestock owners who are protecting
• their livestock
Individuals who are licensed to carry a • concealed weapon in accordance with Title 53, Chapter 5, Part 7 of the Utah Code (You may not use your concealed firearm to hunt or take protected wildlife.)"