View Full Version : quick eject buckles on scout

06-27-2002, 09:14 PM
Mel, I (armlok) saw your post on TF and have e-mailed Patrick about the mil gear in the past. Do the buckles have something to prevent accidental release when moving through bush, crawling, etc?

06-28-2002, 07:35 AM

I'll go ahead and discuss this as Mel may be out of touch right now. It would be very difficult to trip the quick release buckle unintentionally as it rides around on the side of your chest, and also because the design is such that it takes a human with intent to do it. We have a couple of these EMR's (it only comes on the big EMR) in the field now with no reports of accidental release. Of course we'll continue to monitor this, but I have no worries of it ever happening. I wouldn't have selected this buckle if I was concerned about this. What really promted Mel and me to go with new buckle was the tragic event of the Marines drowning in that helicopter crash in the ocean out in Cal.--where they couldn't get out of their rucks. This buckle is much, much better than the old Alice contraption. Very positive and very fast--both to engage and disengage. There has been a real need for it.


06-28-2002, 01:19 PM
Sounds great thanks Patrick.