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08-31-2009, 09:18 PM
hi guys

i'm a newbie here but been a Kifaru fan for a long time...

i recently received a 2008 stock ZXR which will be my new pack for trekking and bushwalking etc....

i also travel overseas a fair bit and i'm looking for a similar sized pack but one that is a panel loader for ease of access and packing etc and the most obvious pack that came to mind is the Navigator

Is there anyone here who's got a ZXR as well as a Navigator and can give me a quick run down between the two? i'm looking at the 2008 stock and the Navigator is listed as having 22inch stays whilst the ZXR has 23inch stays. Is this difference noticeable on the back?

finally, does anyone here travel with the Navigator? If so, how do you find it whilst travelling?

any opinions would be greatly appreciated


09-01-2009, 12:20 AM
I own and use both (G1).

The ZXR has heavier straps and suspension.

The Navigator is a fairly lithe pack, compacts well and travels well. Still might be too big for carry-on, especially on smaller aircraft.

For travel, Marauder+E&E may be worth another look. Keep the main pack in the overhead, E&E under the seat. The Marauder hip belt is easily removable, which makes handling in crowded aircraft easier.

My .02, HTH

09-01-2009, 07:37 AM
Agreed, the Marauder/EE combo is a great travel setup. I don't have the Marauder (yet), but I'm very familiar with overhead bins and such. Many airlines limit carry-ons to a max of 45" combined L+W+D. So, a Navigator might be pushing the envelope. The Marauder is GTG. With the E&E, you will have 3500 cubes, and have a readily detachable sack to put under the seat. I would also carry an inexpensive, light nylon sack (large enough to put a loaded Marauder in) just in case the bins are full and they make you check the pack. Otherwise, all of those straps are bound to get hung-up and damaged in the baggage sorting equipment.

09-01-2009, 09:46 AM
thanks for the responses..

i've got an E&E on order - expecting it in the next week or 10 days so i'll see how that goes.

Will also look at the Marauder as well now..


09-01-2009, 09:56 PM

I have a G2 Siwash in foliage that i use as my carry-on internationally. Size wise i preferred it to a marauder (which i sold) as i felt the marauder was not enough room for everything if i wanted to travel with one bag only. The stays are a couple of inches too long (that handcarry cage is 22" long) but thats not a problem as long as i dont stuff the pack and tempt an evil check in clerk to weigh/measure my bag. (you can always remove the stays and check them).

I find that with the 500D of the hunting line i can make that extra room on the bottom (the siwash/navigator is similar in volume to a marauder with two long pockets underneath it) disappear by making a neat fold in the loose cloth in the bottom area & bottom sides (providing it isnt stuffed) and cinching up the bottom straps. Its perfect in this way and as small as a marauder (apart from longer stays).

I actually bought this pack for use as handcarry internationally, it is lithe & low profile which means the evil clerks wont eye it, it compresses down flatter superbly (better than the G2 nav due to the strap setup), its a panel opener which makes packing/examining easy, its 500D so i can shrink the bottom easier with folds, and its non-pals - I got way too many comments from security in Manila with my pals zulu - being an arab with 3 day stubble it just makes my holidays awkward.