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08-29-2009, 10:25 PM
I just learned my unit is not being deployed as "an organic unit"...instead, we are being "disseminated".

Is that going to suck compared to going with my own unit? Does this mean I'm more likely to actually get to do my MOS instead of whatever blanket mission my unit had before?

I am learning the only thing certain in the military is "change". :)

To be clear, I am not angry or upset by this...just not sure how this change will impact me, if at all.

08-30-2009, 04:52 AM
The only way it will suck more is if your attitude and demeanor make it suck. You are getting a clean start. No one knows about stupid stuff in the past or has any preconceived ideas about you. You can literally create your own ticket. When we deployed and got fills in, we integrated them into the squads and got a feel for who was who. Go in as a quiet professional, do your job the best you can and be open to learning. They should treat you like gold.

Have fun, deployments rock! Well as long as you aren't going to Iraq. It's just stupid here now days.

08-30-2009, 07:24 PM
Know your job, do your job, and looked squared away.

I learned real quick that that is all you can really do. You have NO control on what happens to you beyond that.

You've got it right. Be neither happy nor sad. Be no-thing. Just do whatever job it is you are tasked with to the best of your ability.

08-30-2009, 10:00 PM
Well...as far as I know, it will still be Iraq. Not sure what that will be like from docw's comment...doesn't sound good though...:)

I'm in commo...I'm a 25B (primary) and 25C (2nd)...hopefully, I will get to use some of these skills there.

Thanks for the notes...I do have a good attitude. Difficult as it may be sometimes in my unit, but I do my best to stay positive anyway. I work my *** off...:)

08-31-2009, 04:40 AM
Most units pull the same BS, it's not just your unit.

08-31-2009, 01:40 PM
Yup, Iraq is an officially declared no fun zone.

Everyone claims to know how to shoot and move. Few will purport to know everything there is to know about the comminicate piece. As the person in the unit with the single most desirable skill set and (hopefully) a command of one of the most valuable/least-understood operational functions, you are in a great position to avoid ECP Duty, Escort Duty, and all the other bogusness that befalls enlisted personnel. If...

...you are an ASSET who COMPLEMENTS that SigO who is accountable for your performance.

...your primary responsibility is to simplify complicated infrastructures, not add a layer of bureaucracy.

...you strive lighten your own load by identifying folks in your midst with the willingness and the ability to learn about the systems you are responsible for--not so you can go sham any time you want, but so you don't have to run from vehicle to vehicle on ops trying to keep comms up. There will be folks who will want you on hand to change channels. Be nice as you go through the I do, we do, you do process with them.

...you understand that you are a MEANS to your unit's operations, not the guy who can hold them hostage. Don't be That Guy with a Conex full of shiny new stuff that's not deployed because you don't want to generate hand receipts for it.

...you understand that establishing and nurturing a mutually constructive formal relationship with the Battalion/Brigade/Corps 6 shop tasked to support you, and establishing a quiet, discrete, informal relationship with the 6 shop above that one can be a good thing (kinda like keeping a wife and a mistress--sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks). Same with contractors. Harris, Thales, L3 and others have folks on the ground who are compensated handsomely for knowing this stuff backward and forward. You won't be prohibited from contactingthem unless you make an ass of yourself to them. Most of them loove hangin' with a joe who will listen and take notes, and will do stuff like fabricating IBA antennas.

...you keep a good log of ongoing issues with systems and components. There's always the ONE radio that always drops fill, even though it passes BITE. Might be the radio, might be the truck. System. Keep a log of stuff you observe, and a log of second-hand reports (which are rarely as accurate). It would be naive to say that you can afford to go without it before you can take it off the line to isolate the issue, but maybe don't put suspect gear in the lead, the trail or the MK-19 truck.

The joke I always tell about PSYOP, the capacity in which I have deployed previously, is that people tend not to understand it (partly the fault of our community) and as a result tend to be skeptical. Back when I was commo, however, I never made an enemy by walking into a tent (unless it was a sleeping tent) and saying "Who wants phones?" That's you, dude, you just gotta work it right.

Other advice is spot on. Quiet Professional. On Task. Clean Slate; augmentees start off strong, and are free to break it or build it.

One thing that our Commo guys struggled to balance was that juggling act betwen what the Commander WANTS and the folks in the Gun Trucks NEED. Life is easier if you apply some tact, maturity and creativity to ensuring the latter while still looking busy at the former.

Good luck and stay safe.

08-31-2009, 06:22 PM
Man...Straps, that is probably the best military advice related to my job that I've ever received. Some of the things, such as, "Here...lemme show you how to do that real quick in case I'm not around..." and all I already learned. :) I'm kind and patient -- not one of the standard-issue asses that one might usually find in IT. I try very hard not to be that jerk. :)

But really, thank you!!! All of that sounds like very sound lessons learned. I will keep all this in mind when I go over...especially your advice, Straps. BTW, do they still use MARS stations overseas to make phone patches back home? They told me in AIT to volunteer to be a MARS operator when I'm deployed, but that was 6 years ago...I'm not sure if they use them anymore. Sure beats paying AT&T prices for calls from what I've read.

I found out I've been transferred to a FSB by way of an INF unit. Only about 10 of us from my unit got transferred to this FSB. I still have no idea WTF is going on. Rumor is (and yes, I know how reliable those usually are(n't)) that the ones from my BN that got transferred to one company in the FSB and the INF unit have one mission and the handful of us that got transferred to the other company in the FSB have a "different" mission. I just heard all of this tonight. I'm going to get in touch with my squad leader ASAP.

Thanks again!!