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08-28-2009, 09:26 PM
So, I'm facing the pervasive problem: what to buy next. I don't currently have an E&E so I'm looking toward setting one up. After sketching out in my mind what I'd like, I start adding up the costs:

E&E: 100
X-Ray straps: 36
Skinny Minis (2): 88
Organizer: 65
#10 Lock and Load: 23
STD Chamber Pockets (2): 20

Total Damage: $332

So, for my decked out E&E, I could swing an X-Ray, Mollex, or an Express + Belt. How do I justify loading out an E&E?

08-28-2009, 09:43 PM
How do I justify loading out an E&E?

You don't. Buy an express!

My reasoning is that I like a larger pack, rather than a smaller pack with a bunch of add-ons. True, you lose some "modularity", but I guess I'm old fashioned...

08-28-2009, 11:06 PM
First, decide what your need "really" are. Do you NEED all of those things at first, or is that just what you think you need.

One of the big advantages to the whole Kifaru system is that all of the gear works with all of the gear. So if a Express is not in the cards right now, got just the E&E. See how it works and then gradually add pockets and the like as needed. It will all work together, new and old, and if you get something and decide you don't need/use it, sell it off here. I have done that with several things that just did not fit me needs like I thought they would. (Zulu, Tipi)

The flip side to that is that I use constantly things I never would (Pods).

If you are looking at an E&E setup with that much stuff, I would just get an Express or an X-Ray though.


08-28-2009, 11:08 PM
I would agree with the badger. Go with the larger pack. You will be more comfortable with a larger load. You will end up hitting a celing with what you can carry on the e&e. My vote would be go with the express and belt. Then down the road get some long pockets to go on the sides. I don't know if mini longs will fit on the reg express, would go with those if they work. Then after awhile you could get an e&e and an organizer for it. That would give you an extremely versitile set-up.

That is actually my current plan since I sold my mollex a little while back.

08-28-2009, 11:34 PM
Already have a G2 Express, so the question is partly academic. Also, I'm looking at smaller and modular for particular reasons.

I don't plan on dumping 300+ on an E&E. I was really dreaming about what I'd want, "ideally" on an E&E.

My actual plan is to create my EDC "+." The + is all the crap that goes along when I have the kids with me. I think what I'm going to do is this:

E&E + #10 $123
D&L Claymore + Shoulder Strap $66

Basically the E&E will hold all my stuff I usually have as my EDC. The D&L Claymore will contain all the junk that goes with managing young kids (juice, diapers, wipes, etc). When I have the kids with me, I can either wear the whole pack w/ Claymore docked, or undock the claymore and carry it w/ the sling. I know the claymore is pretty big relative to the E&E, but it won't be loaded heavy so it should ride ok.

Pocket Lint
08-29-2009, 03:54 AM

I started out with the Pointman + E&E + 2 LP's, then moved on to the Xray/Scout, tried the Zulu, now I think I will hit the "sweet spot" with an Express.

The Xray I'll definitely keep, its my regular EDC, and sees use all the time, but a decked out E&E is very appealing, with all those manly PALs to be used.

I know somewhere down the line i'll find myself with an Express, and that cute little E&E again ...

08-29-2009, 08:03 AM

I agree with pretty much everything said so far. If you need a tactical bottle/diaper bag, get one. Don't try to do more with less. From what I remember, the E&E is really just a glorified, external pocket. That's how I use mine. I think it's silly when folks start adding on tons of stuff to make it do what it's not designed to do. Get the bigger pack, you won't regret it. I've been using my Marauder as an EDC for years now and I can report that it works great in this capacity. Also, remember that Kifaru packs are investments. If you choose wisely, it will probably be the last pack you'll ever have to buy.

Take care,

08-29-2009, 09:04 AM
So, I'm facing the pervasive problem: what to buy next.
Total Damage?


I love it!....this kifaru sheet is like CRAK!!!!
if we had to urine test for kifaru gear, most if not all, who read/write on this site would lose the job we hold!...LMFAO!!!!

on a tad mo' serious note, if you know well in advance you will be needing to add a bunch of pockets/pouches...get a bigger pack. i know i am not telling you something you do not already know....

aside from that, the monatary effects can be overwelming...LOL


08-29-2009, 11:31 AM
If I were you, I'd ditch the E&E idea for now and go with a Scout or Xray. They now both have some organization included and will be much more comfortable to add a claymore or any other pouch to later. Love my Scout.

08-29-2009, 02:54 PM
Nothing says you have to but all this stuff in one fell swoop (though Patrick will be your BFF if you do).

For example, X-Ray straps on an E&E strike me as a luxury bordering on the unnecessary. My .02.

Get E&E, Organizer, L&L now, X-ray straps, Skinny minis and other stuff later. I think th eE&E comes w/1x Chamber Pocket.

08-29-2009, 08:51 PM
I was in a similar pickle and opted for an X-ray.
I still may pick up a E&E G2 in the future but I am trying to get most of the weight in my ZXR closer to my centre of gravity therefore the E&E does not fit my current load design.
For a separate EDC and small trip/admin type bag I find the X-ray just about the perfect size. Any bigger I may as well have a full size pack, any smaller and it would limit the basics I need to carry.

Just my food for thought :D